Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taylor Cole Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Taylor Cole is Megan Fox’s Hotter, Smarter Sister who should be as popular as Megan Fox.  She also seems like less of a bitch, which is a huge plus.  Aside from Modeling numerous time, she’s been in several TV Shows and Movies, including this years The Event.  Lets hope she gets the fame she deserves. Pointless Quote: “Texas girls are not all about big hair and makeup.  I never rode a horse to my school, I swear!”

Caroline Trentini

Age: 20

Monica Keena Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Monica Keena is best known for her outstanding work on the hit show Dawson’s Creek.  And since I met the dad character in that show, that makes me one degree away from her, which is even closer to being able to bang her.
Pointless Quote: "Welcome to my world."

Hillary Fisher Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Hillary Fisher starting as a model for Hawaiian Tropic, then moved on to modeling for Hooters. Which is weird, because disgusting skanks usually work at both of those places.
Pointless Quote: "The best piece of advice I have received is to always chase your dreams and to never give up!"

Cintia Dicker Photos

Do You Know Anything About 'Apple Bottom'

Do you know what Apple Bottom is? well if know than you should ask hip hop star Nelly, she has his own clothing line — for women. It's called Apple Bottoms, and it makes jeans that strive to fit women blessed with badonkadonk. We're not talking women with grotesquely misshapen rear ends, but let's just say they're packing much more than your average Victoria's Secret model.

Guyism After Dark: Stunner

Hot links to get you through the night…

Guyism After Dark: Stunner

Hot links to get you through the night…

Guess That Ass


Yahoo! Sports Minute’s Angela Sun

I have enough of a hard time keeping track of all the network TV sideline hotties, so I tend to miss a lot of their online counterparts, such as the gorgeous Angela Sun, who hosts Yahoo!’s Sports Minute show. Fortunately there are readers like Waterdrinker to clue me in.

A quick bio via her Twitter page:

Alessandra Ambrosio and her armbra

I don't know what product she's selling here, but I'll take 10...

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