Saturday, May 28, 2011

Advanced Bikini Studies with Professor Heather Vaughn Morris

Nicole Moser: Handle With Care

This weeks is getting too long to end, and all of us are already feeling tired—So here is your energizer. Tell me who could go for a good old girl-next-door blonde bombshell?

One who's 100 percent comfortable with her body and makes love to the camera like it was George Clooney considering entering the priesthood? For good measure, throw in tendencies toward lipstick lesbianism, an appreciation for porn, and a reverence for Pamela Anderson.

Here is some detail about this girl

Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day (Rachel)

Introducing Rachel from Boston.  Man are we on fire with smokeshows this week or what?   I mean I admit it.  I’m in love this girl.  Blazing hot!   First Lady better watch her shit.  Marriage ain’t official till it’s official.

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Elisha Cuthbert’s new TV show looks good

Jack Bauer would be so proud...

Beau Garrett makes her case for Tron Legacy

I'm guessing the video of this shoot is better than the movie...

Today’s Top Ten [featuring Miranda Kerr]

Ten of the best links the Internet has to offer…

Miss COED: Jenny Chu

0By COED Staff A lot of models are responsible for wood, but not a Thousand Oaks like Jenny Chu. This current Californian started her modeling career making waves on the import scene. But don't pigeon hold this hottie. Since hear introduction to modeling she has been the cause of countless sexy shoots and is as diverse as they come. Submit Miss COED tips to

Happy Birthday Miss Longoria

THIS is what 36 should look like! Eva Longoria is none the worse for wear after her short marriage to Tony Parker, as she shows us in these sexy shots of her. Eat your heart out Tony, you jackass.


MILF Monday: Minnie Driver

Where You’ve Seen Her: Minnie Driver is probably best known for being in Good Will Hunting and the highly underrated show The Riches.  She’s also English, and English women have a reall hot accent.  Oh, and she’s a MILF.
MILF Status: Minnie has a son named Henry that’s almost three years old.  Latest reports say the two have been gypsying around the world, but what I’m really proud of is her giving him a normal name.

Esti Ginzburg is an Israeli bikini model

Again, I hope she has on the proper SPF sunscreen...

The Sweet 16: You got our attention

Guyism's daily look at what's great on the Internet…

Drew Barrymore provokes nasty thoughts

Drew Barrymore did a little posing for Elle magazine this month and while I usually don’t find Drew all that attractive there is one particular photo they took of her that made me sit up and take notice (so to speak). For some reason the words “doggy” and “style” keep leaping to mind here. What is your mind telling you when you look at these pics?

Jessica Vaugn is Bringing Girl on Girl to TSJ

We’re already happy enough to feature beautiful women on TSJ day in and day out, but when those beautiful women also offer to bring other beautiful women to the site, we get really excited. That’s exactly what happened when the lovely Jessica Vaugn pitched us an idea we just couldn’t pass up.

Kate Beckinsale Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Kate Beckinsale just had her birthday yesterday, which is enough to Merit looking at her hot self.  Turning 37, she still looks sexy as ever, even more so when in leather for three horrible movies in a row.
Pointless Quote: "If someone told me years ago that sharing a sense of humor was so vital to partnerships, I could have avoided a lot of sex."

The Sweet 16: In bed

Guyism's daily look at what's great on the Internet…

Kate Upton Overdose

Miss COED: Carly Fridell

2By Neal - Johns Hopkins
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