Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Interlude: Not good

Kate Beckinsale is a no doubt type of babe

As in, “There is no doubt as to the reasons why Kate Beckinsale won on 205th magazine’s Sexiest Woman in the World contest once you see these photos.”

Glamour Girl Jeska Gets Naughty

We love it when new girls get naughty. Jeska is one of those hotties from Southern California that loves to spend time on the couch. This hot blonde glamour model prefers to be in control, but also appreciates being adored–especially by the camera.

Yael Markovich: From Makeup Artist to Model

When Yael Markovich moved to Los Angeles, it was with the intention of launching a career as a makeup artist. And she accomplished that, landing gigs doing makeup for awards shows, movies, music videos and fashion shows. But she was always curious about what it was like to be on the other side of the camera.

MILF Monday: Penelope Cruz

Where You’ve Seen Her: Penelope Cruz has been a household name for quite a while as the hot foreign girl with the accent, which makes it hard to gauge if she’s actually a good actress or not.
MILF Status: Penelope is 4 1/2 months pregnant from fellow actor Javier Bardem, the man who played the psychotic Anton Shigur from No Country For Old Men, which already means this will be the most evil child in the world.

MILF Monday: Jessica Alba

Where You’ve Seen Her: From TV to Modeling, Jessica Alba has been in nearly everything because she has literally the perfect body.
MILF Status: Alba gave birth to a baby girl just this summer and has adopted the celebrity sterotype of naming their kids weird and not-cool names — Honor Warren.
See her photos after the jump!

Cosplay Queen Jessica Nigri, Candice Swanpoel in Swimsuits, Olivia Munn’s Neathage

A Giant Gallery of Cosplay Queen Jessica Nigri [Unreality] Candice Swanepoel For Agua Bendita [Don Chavez] Olivia Munn Pulls Off Underboob/Sideboob With Single Dress At Environmental Awards Show! [Busted Coverage] Classic Photoshoot: Federica Ridolfi [DJ Mick] Dita Von Teese will guest star on an episode of CSI early 2011 [JustJared] WAGs of the 2010 MLB League Championship Series [COED] The Royal Peek: Melyssa Ford [King-Mag] Katy Perry is photogenic, topless [Guyism] 70 Reasons Why Halloween Is My Favorite Holiday [Caveman Circus]

Miss COED: Gemma Atkinson III

Emma Taylor Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Emma Taylor is not the best known model out there, but she’s made the rounds, most notably being Miss Hawaiian Tropic of 2008.  From the looks of it, that sh*t works!

You can now win prizes by tweeting your love of NBC

NBC is now giving fans "prizes" based on a point systems for discussing NBC shows over social media networks.

In a weird, but not all that surprising move, NBC has started a campaign called "Fan It" for fans of the network that enjoy discussing its shows over different social media outlets. While it isn't quite clear exactly what the prizes will be, one fan of the show Chuck won the prize of having his photo used in one of the flashback scenes that the main character of the show has a few times an episode.

A Month of Mad-Sexy EMs for March

4By J Bryant

Denise Richards in a Bikini

If there is one thing any man loves, it's a MILF actress who shows up in a bikini and looks so darn hot. This is the case of Denise Richards who showed up in a green bikini and still looking boob-stastic. Much better than Jennifer Love Hewitt, if I say so myself. Oh Charlie Sheen must be crying on his knees now after seeing these photos.


Rihanna’s new video for ‘Rockstar 101′ is interesting

Rihanna sure does know how to do a music video. This video she did for her new song Rockstar 101 ranks right up there with the last one she did for her song Hard.

CoedMagazine’s Hilarious Celebrity Yearbook Photo Gallery

Our friends at have launched a massive and hilarious slideshow of celebrity yearbook photos on their homepage. Over the course of 70+ pictures, readers are taken on a sometimes horrifying journey through the pre-fame years of some of today’s sexiest women.

Elle Macpherson is the PT&A

I wanna go play at her house...

We really need to see more of Italia Ricci…

Miss COED: Giulia Olivetti

0 Giulia Olivetti is a 26-year-old Italian model that is very under the radar. So under the radar, in fact, that we know nothing about her. Even a great deal of research on Google only turns up fact that Olivetti was named the “smartest star in the Italian entertainment world.” Really, what else do you need to know? Check out Giulia Olivetti’s Miss COED Gallery after the jump!

Jessica Alba REALLY Wants You To Vote

Voting is our right. Sure. We should all be allowed to vote. But if I don’t vote for whatever reason, I don’t want the chick who played the female lead in “The Eye” telling me I’m an asshole. I’m only an asshole if I paid 3.99 to rent that piece of shit. reports: Jessica Alba, who appears in a in new bondage-inspired campaign for the voter group Declare Yourself, isn’t afraid to employ a little shock value for a cause she believes in.

Freja Beha Erichsen For Santa Lolla's 2011

Speaking of Freja Beha Erichsen can make your keens weak. Its not your fault, she is a such stunner, this Danish beauty nabs another campaign for Santa Lolla's fall 2011 accessories line. May be she is believer of true marketing techniques that only consider what you want to sell and take off everything else. So thats why she is just wearing that leather bag.

These beautiful pictures were shot by Henrique Gendre, Freja strips down to animal and houndstooth prints in the steamy images. I can only say enjoy, this is what i am doing.

Meadow Soprano Says Hello

Arielle Kebbel looks hot and cold all at the same time

I wonder what that horse is telling her...

Miss COED: Lexihex

0By COED Staff Good thing we don’t live in a world run by M.I.A., it would be a shame to lose this fiery 29-year-old red head to a ginger holocaust. Lexi has a smokin’ body and knows how to accentuate it with craft thong-sting work. Enjoy! Want to be a Miss COED?! Submit your pics to

Hayden Panettiere loves the Stanley Cup

Since it’s time for the Stanley Cup playoffs to begin (really, it is… the Penguins and some other team are playing in it), I thought these pics of My Favorite 18-year-old(TM) Hayden Panettiere making out with and dry humping the Cup seemed very appropriate.

Dry humping on a hump day also seemed appropriate.

The Sweet 16: Golden

Guyism's daily look at what's great on the Internet…

Jessica-Jane Clement put on another smoke show for Nuts

One of my all-time favorite women in the world, Jessica-Jane Clement, did it again. She somehow managed to pose for Nuts magazine without taking her top off and I am not even the least bit disappointed. She’s that hot. I guess when you’re as hot as Jessica is the rules of UK lad mags don’t apply. For instance, Gemma Merna and Gemma Atkinson pose for Nuts and they don’t take their tops off either, and, well, they’re freaking hot as hell too. See how much you learned here today?


I think there’s been far too many chicks on the site lately. Therefore, there will be a one day hiatus of babes and skanks….

Yea right…

Meet 32HH Internet Sensation Jordan Carver

In no time, and seemingly out of nowhere, zaftig Bavarian fraulein Jordan Carver has shot to the top of the heap of curvaceous internet models. It’s no mystery why—she’s pinup-pretty, full of spirit and proud of her 32HH Hindenbergs. As we learned, there’s more to the 24-year-old stunner than meets the eye—and what meets the eye is quite a lot to begin with.

Quality Grotto Time, Lingerie Parties and More

As one of the girls living at the Bunny House across the street from the Mansion, Jaime Edmondson's a true insider into the Playboy life. We know you want the dirt, so check out her weekly updates, pics and videos. —TSJ Staff

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