Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amazing Micro Bikini Top Babe Spilling Out

Amazing Micro Bikini Top Babe Spilling Out of her little black bikini top.

Amazing Micro Bikini Top Babe Spilling Out

Fernanda Lima is too sexy for her shirt

I thought since we’re all heading into the new year, I’d stick with what I do best and find you some hot non-American celeb action. That and none of the American celebs are doing crap this week. Doesn’t matter though because we have Fernanda Lima, who is more awesome than any American babe anyway. Truth be told, these photos are from Maxim Brazil, and well, it’s Maxim, and they feature Brazilian babes. That’s just an automatic post right there.

Styles for Curly Hair

Styles for Curly Hair

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup: June 28

0By COED Staff Still laying in bed in a drunken stupor over the fact that the US Team didn’t pull a 1980s Miracle? Well cheer up because even though we’re out of the World Cup doesn’t mean that we’re out of amazing photos of sexy superfans. So show your true American colors by spending your Monday at work checking out hot chicks.

Miss COED: Holly Valance

1 Check out the gallery!

Miss COED: Holly Valance

1 Check out the gallery!

Linda Zimany: Hungary is An Important Country

According to many people Hungary is just a small and unimportant European country with nothing so especial to be mentioned, but we can give you at least one reason to which will never let Hungary to skip from your mind, the reason is this super hot Hungarian model Linda Zimany, she is hostess and actress who has in the past stripped off and bared all for the local edition of Playboy.

The best four seconds of last night’s Golden Globe Awards

Someone out there please loop this video of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks at the Golden Globe Awards, burn it on a DVD for me, and mail it to me. Five to 10 minutes ought to be enough. Thank you. (UPDATE: Mix in some slow-motion too. Thanksbye.)

Sandra Valencia in Lingerie is an Art-piece

This is our first time to publish this new drop dead gorgeous hottie from Colombia, Daniela Tamayo, unleashing her perfect little body in a drool inducing photoshoot for Besame lingerie. I am sure it will be memorable post.

Anyways, the guys from Besame can't stop impressing us with their great taste in women and after picking Daniela to model their newest lingerie, another amazing Colombian model we've never heard of was selected to model the new skimpy lingerie items.


Gallery of Sexually Ambiguous Brady Quinn Pictures

African American Short Hairstyles

When styling short hair, texture can play an important role in the style that is created through the personal goals of the individual. Luckily, when it comes to styling their hair, the majority of African American women have a good amount of texture in their hair, whether the texture has been created through the use of natural curls or waves, or has been created through the type of haircut that has been created in the hair.

Miss COED: Elaine Alden

5 When you think of a smokin' hot blond, something tells me what comes to mind is someone more or less exactly like Elaine Alden. And by that, I mean she has a body to kill for, super pretty and makes you reexamine your life to figure out why one of these isn't sitting right next to you. Want to be a Miss COED?! Submit your pics to now!

Miss COED: Deanna Smith

0By COED Staff Deanna Smith is an LA based actress and model, currently interested in using her talent to land exciting projects for film, television, commercial, and print work. We’re not quite sure what her talent is but I’m sure it has something to do with being smokin’ hot. Want to be a Miss COED?! Submit your pics to

The Sweet 16: Alessandra, Brooklyn and Crystal

Guyism's daily look at what's great on the Internet…

And the Emmys Go To

Shakiras Hips Dont Lie

Columbian sexpot Shakira is single and ready to mingle and with fantastic hips like that, I’d say she’s already got an edge over all the other girls.


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Uma Thurman: Stalker Worthy?

After hearing about Uma Thurman’s recent stalker troubles, I asked myself a question: If I was a stalker, would I stalk Uma Thurman? The answer was a pretty resounding “no.” (Since I was playing the role of a stalker, I also was hearing voices.) Then I asked myself another question: Is Uma Thurman sexy? Sure, she’s totally cool and seems down to earth. But do you really want to stalk some girl who looks and acts like the tomboy on your company softball team?

Sexy Plumber’s Crack Attack For Hug A Plumber Day


Guess That Ass


And the answer is mega slut Shauna Sand. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I didn't know she was a Saints fan?



Guyism After Dark: Elisabetta, Cindy, or Lindsay???

Hot links to get you through the night…

Take your pick: Elisabetta, Cindy, or Lindsay???

Alina Vacariu is Today’s Daily Snapshot

0By COED Staff Twenty-four-year-old brunette beauty Alina Vacariu first landed on the scene in a big way after being named Romania’s Model of the Year in 1998, at the age of 14. She soon signed with Elite Model Management, landing her spots modeling bikini and lingerie around the world. She’s appeared in both Stuff and Maxim magazines and is currently pursing her acting career. For purely selfish reasons, we hope that goes well… Check out Alina Vacariu’s gallery! [click each thumbnail to view the full galleries] Follow COED Magazine on Twitter

Knockout UFC Girl Arianny Celeste (video)

Best known as the UFC's hottest Octagon Girl, Arianny Celeste is plastered all over newsstands yet again, this time on the cover of Playboy's November issue. What's different about this sexy pictorial? The knockout posed nude for the first time ever.

Krystelle LaCroix is Today’s Daily Snapshot

16By COED Staff Blond bombshell Krystelle LaCroix has a lot going for her – she’s hot and…um, yeah that’s pretty much all you need to have it going on these days. She’s modeled for everything from Wal Mart to Surf magazine, and she splits her time living between Hawaii and Canada. Oh, and she speaks French. Did we mention she’s hot?… Krystelle LaCroix is Today’s Daily Snapshot – Check out the gallery! [click thumbnails to see the full galleries] Follow COED Magazine on Twitter

Interlude: Diggler

Impossible Hand Bra

Impossible Hand Bra! No way her small hands are going to hide those massive jugs!

Cheerleaders of the CFL


Guess That Ass

And the answer is...

I'm not gonig to lie to you. This ass shot of Angelina is a little bit disappointing. And what's up with her wearing her shorts around her neck?

Guyism After Dark: Beyonce, Krista, or Melissa???

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Take your pick: Beyonce, Krista, or Melissa???

Jessica Hart And Her Sister Are Hot

Model Jessica Hart and her equally hot sister slipped into their bikinis and headed to the part to play. They laid around, laughed and played Frisbee and looked smoking hot the entire time. Who would have thought that all you needed to get with a couple of major hot chicks was some watermelon and a Frisbee.

Look how adorable they are as they play around. They look like a couple of cute little puppies. That thought kind of troubles me. . . does it mean that I want to have sex with puppies now?

Cute Blonde Coed Taking Off Her Bra in White Panties

Cute Blonde Coed Taking Off Her Bra in White Panties

Cute Blonde Coed Taking Off Her Bra in White Panties. She is too sexy!

Jessica Simpson proves that cowboy hats are sexy

Cowboy hats are sexy on girls, as are baseball caps, but they are especially sexy on blonde chicks with big cans like Jessica Simpson.

Guyism After Dark: Carla, Klaudia, or Sarah???

Hot links to get you through the night…

Take your pick: Carla, Klaudia, or Sarah???

Wait? Hilary Duff wrote a book?

I hope it's a bedtime story...

I guess Hilary Duff, our second favorite hockey WAG, wrote some novel or something because she was out at a Barnes & Noble in a nice little cleavage-revealing top promoting it the other day. Now I don't plan to read this book she wrote, but I have an idea. Since she decided to drop her sweet cleavage on us, I was thinking of putting together a book of the best cleavage ever seen by man. What do you think? Bestseller potential? Someone get my agent on the line! Oh yeah, I don't have an agent. Someone get me an agent!!

Meet Playboy’s Miss Social: Cassandra Marie Walker

Meet our new Miss Social December—21-year-old Cassandra Marie Walker. After an intense head-to-head competition, only one sexy social networker came out on top in the Miss Social December contest, and she's ringing in the new year with a Playboy pictorial. This brunette bombshell from Watertown, New York relied on friends, family and a little holiday spirit to help her take the crown

25 Sexy Witches

We’d like to burn a few of these chicks at the stake, if you know what I mean.
(sex is what we mean)

Fair’s Fair: Here’s Leader Sophie Dee

Journalistically speaking (now there’s a phrase that ought not to appear on this page, ever), it bummed us out to post about Got Gisele a week ago. Not because there’s anything wrong with Gisele; far from it, she’s a babe. But we were writing about her as the frontrunner in the Miss FreeOnes contest, yet just before the story went live she fell to the #2 spot. Curses! We’d written all about the girl who was winning, except she wasn’t actually winning.

Barstool Sports Local Smokeshow of the Day (Catherine)

Introducing Catherine from Boston.   Well it’s about time we had a knock you on your ass blond.   And to be honest she probably had a million more hot photos that I could have posted but ever since coffee gate last night I can barely see anything on my computer so it was hard to tell.  Either way this chick must get whatever she wants whenever she wants.   Not too many blonds rolling around Boston that look like this.

Sexy Jell-O Wrestling Bikini Babes

Noemie Lenoir has mad modeling skills

If you actually saw this outfit on a woman what would your reaction be?

Guess That Ass


And the answer is.....Hayden Panettierre

Guess That Ass

And the answer is....

Tara "ugh, that's a weird belly button" Reid

Michelle Beadle’s Gunslinger Sportsnation Parody Ad

Never let it be said that Michelle Beadle doesn’t take it for the team. Wearing big ass man jeans and running around trying to hold them up for an ads parody? Oh hell yeah, she’s all for that. Check it out, and check out Sportsnation on ESPN. She co-hosts it with some guy whose name sounds like Coward, but I’m pretty sure isn’t.

Candice Swanepoel does lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Sexy South African Candice Swanepoel recently did this photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret to mark this year’s Valentine’s Day. A woman in red really is a sight to behold isn’t it? Especially if that woman is Candice Swanepoel. WARNING: If you are not Candice Swanepoel, odds are you will not look as sexy as this in these outfits. But don’t let that stop you from trying, ladies… You feelin’ me? Send photos…

2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Preview

Interlude: Uh oh…

Miss COED: Amanda Paige, Univ. of Virginia ’06

3 Amanda Paige, whose birth name is Paige Gellar, is a 23 year old recent grad from University of Virginia, who was found on campus during her junior year by Playboy scouts and eventually became Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in October 2005. Prior to her Playmate status Paige was Playboy Cyber Club’s COED of the Month for April 2005, and most recently was on the cover of the September 2007 issue of Playboy. Check out Paige’s Miss COED gallery after the jump!
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