Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The best Adriana Lima lingerie photo shoot ever

No one seems to know when this lingerie photo shoot of Adriana Lima was taken. My guess is that is was before ‘that guy’ knocked her up, but I could be wrong.

Natasha Yarovenko will make you want to watch Ukrainian TV

I'd watch her show with the sound off any day of the week...

Long Curly Hairstyles for Prom

Wearing curly hair down to prom is a classic style that can be combined with a variety of dresses. While taking advantage of curly hair, the hair can be worn down in a variety of ways, whether the curls are worn in a cascading motion down the back, or the curls are worn through other means and combined with hairstyles that include half up, as well as half down hairstyles. Through the use of curls within a hairstyle, there are so many ways that you can wear the hair to include versatility, creativity and style that can be appropriate for a prom hairstyle, or even other formal events.

Miss COED: Farabe Cottingham

3 When you’re done drying your eyes from watching Jermaine “Flat Top” Jackson’s “Smile” rendition, we’re guessing you’re going to be in the mood for looking at a smoking hot blonde, just to settle the nerves. So, here you go! This bodacious stunner is bikini and glamour model Farabe Cottingham. Aaaaand… that’s pretty much all we could find out about this sexy vixen. But that doesn’t make her any less hot! High five! Want to be a Miss COED?! Submit your pics to models@teamcoed.com now!

Guyism After Dark: Brittney, Mila, or Lisa Marie???

Hot links to get you through the night…

Take your pick: Brittney, Mila, or Lisa Marie???

Wednesday Wasabi: Kokomi Sakura

Patriots Updates Brought to You by Hot Chicks; Featuring Monica Bellucci

Ever since yesterday's Hayden Panettierre's 18th birthdayapalooza, I've been getting emails from some chick who I think might be a Dateline NBC staffer, so I better go with someone north of 40, just to call off the dogs. And when I'm looking for older heat, my default settin is Monica Bellucci. Monica was lighting up Italy back when Hayden was just an itch in her daddy's pants.

Kelly Brook In A Sexy Minidress

Kelly Brook

The all-natural UK hottie Kelly Brook outside some TV studio in London wearing a minidress.

Lieke Van Lexmond

Where You’ve Seen Her: Lieke Van Lexmond is a dutch model and TV actress whose been in numerous dutch productions such as Spangen and Volle Maan, my two personal favorites.  But I’d say her photos take the cake in her recognition.
Pointless Quote: "Performing Is A Bug That Starts At Birth"
See her photos after the jump! 

Lovely Lady Links: Sexiest Countries, Jennifer Hawkins and More

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we bring you the 10 sexiest girl galleries from around the internet. These are your lovely lady links for March 1, 2011 (click the pics to see the rest of the gallery).

1. The 25 Sexiest Countries in the World (Guyism)

Big Green Bra and Jean Shorts Milf

Big Green Bra and Jean Shorts milf showing off her ample cleavage.

Barstool Sports Local Smokeshow of the Day (Svetlana)

Introducing Svetlana from Superfan U. And that's that. She is the last smokeshow to get 2 VIP tickets to our Inaugural Blueball. Tomorrow should be fun to say the least! Now excuse me while I go out and buy a blue shirt. No joke. Pink here I come!


Madalina Diana Ghenea Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Madalina Diana Ghenea is physically incapable of looking unattractive.  Even if she was missing teeth, hadn’t showered in days, and had kankles, I’d still tap the sh#t out of her.  She’s an Italian Fashion model who enjoys painting.  I’m assuming she just uses a mirror and paints by the numbers, because nothing will get more beautiful than that. Pointless Quote: “I get there, I put on clothes, I leave it on the hanger, and then I go home.”

Arianny Celeste Goes Topless For FHM

Dont be so surprise as this girl haven't done this for the first time,  Arianny Celeste is use to of showing off her incredible body for the masses. As a ring girl for the UFC, she struts around half-naked to get the attention of testosterone fueled men.

What is Threading Hair Removal?

Threading is one of the oldest and most effective forms of hair removal which can be used on various parts of the body; it can even be used on the face. Threading hair removal processes is effective and is growing in popularity, becoming available in more and more salons throughout cities and communities.

Hilary Rhoda shows why she’s a great swimsuit model

Easy to see why she gets chosen for these jobs...

Guess That Ass


Girls Getting Their Game On

Video games aren’t just for kids and unemployed adults—really hot girls also like to get down and dirty with their consoles. Case in point: Jo Garcia, one of our sexy models who also happens to be a gaming enthusiast and expert. Check out more of these hotties below.

Sara Paxton in a bikini is acceptable

Sara Paxton is vacationing or something in the Netherland’s Antilles and brought along her bikini. Now remind me who Sara Paxton is again? Oh yeah, she’s a 21 year-old actress who has been in a shitton of movies and TV shows, amazingly none of which I have seen. Well, wearing a bikini and letting people take pictures of you is a good way to finally get me to notice. If only more women would understand that… And oh yeah, Sara… lose the dude when you take bikini photos and grow back your long, blond mane.

Busty Milf Amateur in Cute Bikini

Busty Milf Amateur in Cute Bikini showing off her gorgeous smile.

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