Saturday, June 25, 2011

Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day (Kristen)

Introducing Kristen from Northeastern Via North Reading. Somewhere Frank Carey is smiling. We've featured all sorts of smokeshow in the month or two that we've been doing this. Some look sweet and wholesome. Others are drenched in sex appeal and make you think bad thoughts. I'd put Kristen in the 2nd category.


Gisele Bundchen is Back, Better Than Ever

I  really can't think of a better way to to end this boring week in a pleasant way than posting some wonderful images of Gisele Bundchen. If you were expecting some Brazilian models like ever than i have to clear that's probably the right thing to do in a casual Monday morning, right? The girl in question this time is Gisele Bundchen who's finally back in our attention with a pretty sweet photoshoot for V Magazine.

Gemma Merna in a bikini is just about perfection

Gemma Merna, along with Jessica-Jane Clement, is one of my all-time favorite women in the world, so when these photos of Gemma in a bikini at some pool in Las Vegas came across my desk you can imagine the joy I felt. To fully understand why I am so in love with Gemma and Jessica you should click these links (Gemma Merna & <a href="http://guyis</div></div>

Oklahoma Sooners Cheerleaders

Liv Tyler In Sexy Lingerie

Tuesday, 7 June 2011 05:32

Blake Lively is an award-winning hottie

Very sexy, even with that nasty wound on her leg...

New England Euphoria Lingerie Bowl League Tryouts

By my count we have 6 chicks who are worthy to wear the New England Euphoria colors this year which makes me very nervous. Bottom line is that anybody who knows anything about lingerie league football knows that you're only as strong as your weakest link. I mean this Asian chick can't do it all by herself although I'll buy a ticket just to see her ass. (literally)

#1 Hot Asian

Miss COED: Jillian Jordan

Madonna Divorces….Could Lose Quarter Of A Billon Dollars

Guess That Ass

And the answer is Anna Faris. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to recognize that ass if it sat on my face. Now after a brief two week stint on Entourage she made it all the way to Guess That Ass on Barstool Sports. Just shows you how fast time moves in the world of blogging.

The 10 hottest American Idol contestants of all time

American Idol is one of those shows where people can go from a nobody to a pop culture icon overnight. And while most of these people possess actual musical talent, we here at Guyism are a little more concerned with how hot some of the females are.

So as this reality show enters its 9th season, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the hotter contestants the show has had to offer.

Carrie Underwood
Season 4-Winner

Katrina Darrell Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Last year, Katrina Darrell stunned American Idol coming to her audition in a bikini as a hot airheaded bitch.  Though she got pretty far in Idol she didn’t make it all the way, and now she’s doing what a girl who shows up to American Idol in a bikini does a year later: Poses for Playboy!  It’s not official, but most likely true.  We all can’t wait.
Pointless Quote: "I figured, well, at least I’ll have a tan."

Miss COED: Jacqueline Suzanne

Jacqueline’s a 23 year old model who was born in Costa Rica and raised in Miami. She graduated with a business degree from Florida International University (“FIU”) in 2009 and got her start in modeling when she won the Girls of Playboy Golf contest. Below The Belt Show featured her as their Honey of the Month for October and Vincit Magazine named her Girl of the Month for October 2010. She’s also been featured as a South Flordia Chronicle Page 7 Girl and online at Maxim UK, Men’s Fitness, and Neal - Johns Hopkins DOB: 4/14/89

MILF Monday: Rachel Weisz

Where You’ve Seen Her: Rachel Weisz, a very hot actress, got her start on various productions in London until finally landing a role cast aside Keanu Reeves in Chain Reaction, which was good at the time but now is probably a bad movie.  After her debut, Rachel moved up the ladder in movies like The Mummy and Enemy At The Gates, where she and Jude Law boned silently on a pile of sleeping Russian snipers.  That was a very very awkward scene in the theaters.  She currently just starred in the film The Brothers Bloom which has gotten critical acclaim, but unfortunately lacks a really awkward sex scene.
MILF Status: Weisz has a son named Henry chance with her husband, renown director Darren Aronofsky.  I wonder if they did it silently.

Remember Sophie Turner? You will…

A few weeks back I did a post on some Australian singer named Sophie Turner. I’d never heard of her, but she was sexy and posed for pictures so I was hooked. I’m easy that way.

Sexy ladies like video games?

Barbara Palvin Vogue UK (April 2011)

Barbara Palvin by Glen Luchford for Vogue  UK, April 2011 issue.

Eva Longoria’s cleavage wasn’t enough

Despite the fine effort put forth here by the Spurs’ Tony Parker’s wife, Eva Longoria, to distract the Lakers with her cleavage, the Spurs still fell to Los Angeles last night, ending the series.

AnnaLynne McCord Stylish In Maniac Magazine

AnnaLynne McCord covers the December/January 2010 issue of Maniac Magazine. 90210 Actress looks rather stylish! Enjoy!

Wake Up with Hanna Verboom (Chris from Brighton request)

Posh Spice Rubs Bird Crap On Her Face

In the evolutionary chain of “disgusting substances people wipe on themselves to try and look younger” we’ve now reached “bird shit.”  Somewhere up in heaven God is saying “What the?  They’re rubbing bird shit on their skin?  Why the f*&k did I go spending an entire day making aloe plants?” reports: When Victoria Beckham was in Japan recently she was admiring the local women’s clear skin and discovered it was down to these facials,” a friend of the 34-year-old star recently told Closer magazine.

Bra Lingerie Body Paintings for Women

Corset Lingerie and bra is an essential part of girls and women. Bra and underwear make smart, safe, beautiful and sexy. Bra lingerie body painting are not just regular clothing rags, but in painting.

Meet You At The Beach!

Summer hasn't arrived yet, but here are some pictures to warm you up anyway. Are you getting hot yet? Ahhh for the days of summer when all the boobies come out to play!


Ню Photo by Анна JaneBr

Svetlana Metkina Nipple Slip

Svetlana Metkina is a Russian born actress.

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