Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sophie Turner Pictures(6pics)-holytaco-babes

Where You’ve Seen Her: Sophie Turner should by all means be a porn star given she looks and acts like one, but she’s a glamour model.  Born in Australia, Sophie made her way through the ranks in various modeling contests and making a name for herself down under.  Recently,however, she’s moved to the US, hoping to win the hopes and dreams of Americans…and will hopefully become a porn star.
Pointless Quote: "As soon as Nude Work pays more than being an Attorney I will consider it.  Actually, no I wont."

10 celebrities that could be serial killers-celebrities

I am about to present to you 10 celebrities that could be serial killers. This is all in good fun. Well, fun for us. But if the celebs can’t take the joke, it just adds credence to my theories. But this is all parody and fantasy. The Guyism legal staff told me to write that. So in no particular order, 10 celebs that could be serial killers. But they really aren’t… or are they?

VIDEO: Werner Herzog tells the story of saving Joaquin Phoenix’s life-celebrities

In this video, Werner Herzog tells of the time that he saw Joaquin Phoenix driving "way, way too fast" and wrecking a sports car in the Hollywood Hills. Herzog saved Phoenix after coming to the aid of the actor who had just wrecked his vehicle and was trying to light a cigarette as gasoline started to soak the car’s interior.

Miss COED: Jo Garcia

6 Jo Garcia was just named Playboy‘s “CyberGirl of the Year” for 2008. To expand her hotness further, she is also an avid gamer, telling during an interview that “If I could get a job… being a game tester, I would do that all day long.” Speaking of things to do all day long… Check out Jo Garcia’s Miss COED gallery after the jump!

Scarlett Johansson makes me want to buy things(7pics)

Scarlett Johansson did this photo shoot for something called Mango. No idea what they sell, but I’ll take three. Now this isn’t the first time we’ve seen ScarJo gettin’ all sexy-like for these Mango people, just the best time. I hope they signed her to a long-term deal… anyone else hungry for some fruit?

Daisy Dee Loves The Jungle-babe

This self claimed model, Daisy Dee likes the jungle so much. thats why, even this small jungle-like set in Cabo San Lucas got a little too hot and sticky for this glamorous blonde bombshell. How can a hot blonde like Daisy ever be TOO hot and sticky? we have no idea. But, I sure enjoy thinking about it.

Miss COED: Paris Hilton(9pics)

1 Deep down I hate to say it, but Paris Hilton looks damn sexy in the May 2008 issue of GQ – Russia. Check out Paris Hilton’s Miss COED gallery after the jump!

News of a new ‘Bill and Ted’ movie is most excellent(1pics)

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, dude. Keanu Reeves says he and Alex Winter (Bill) are trying very hard to get a new Bill and Ted movie off the ground. It's going to be about the two time traveling through the Matrix while looking for Benjamin Button.

Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Campbell deserves her title-babe

I don't know about Miss Universe, but I sure like those globes...

Lindsey Strutt Bikini Pictures-Glamour

Here’s Lindsey Strutt posing in pink bikini in a pool. English glamour model looks amazing!


Krystal, Joanna & Sarita, oh my!!

Man, I love Ralph magazine. What they lack in the actual showing of boobs they more than make up for with the quality of the women they photograph. And they stick with a good thing when they have it.

Brazilians Are Proud Of Guisela Rhein(8pics)

We presented hundreds of photo shoots to you so far, but while give you this treat I feel no hurdle to make a claim that this one is having something special. I didn't say something special in a model, she is hot there is no second thought about that, but the why of presenting her with classic background is something great and different and we loved it.

Short Hair Updos Curly

Surprisingly, there are many options that are available to you when you are trying to create a short hairstyle in the hair, especially when you use different textures in the hair like waves and curls.

Sexy Ladies Serving Cleavage Cocktails (28pics)-hot

Some girls like to play with their cleavages knowing it can hold things such as a cocktail. Here, their cleavage holds the cocktail and serves it to other people. Sometimes, people drank the cocktail from their cleavages, giving it a sexy and seductive way of serving cocktails. These ladies surely love serving them through their cleavages and it looks like they’re having fun.


Barstool Local Smokeshow of The Day (Tiffany)

Hot Amateur Wife with Lingerie Cleavage and Wet T-Shirt

Hot Amateur Wife with Lingerie Cleavage and Wet T-Shirt. She has some huge boobs stuffing in that little slip!

Guyism After Dark: MMA WAGs

Hot links to get you through the night…

Miss COED: Alina Kabaeva

0 Alina Kabaeva was recently outed as Vladimir Putin’s mistress. Up until a Moscow newspaper reported that Putin left his wife and was planning to marry Kabaeva she was an obscure Russian athlete that had made appearances in FHM and Maxim. Check out Alina Kabaeva’s Miss COED gallery after the jump!

John Mayer Feels Bad He’s Doing Other Girls

I think every time John Mayer bangs a really hot chick, by law Dave Matthews should at least get an HJ from her as well since he created the “effeminate music guy who bangs tons of chicks because his vague lyrics make women think he’s talking just to them,” persona.  But I must say, Jon Mayer is taking it to new and exciting places. reports that he came to the defense of Jennifer Aniston, the woman he just dumped, to a group of reporters.


Fox News is lame. The only person that likes it is my buddy Joe from Iowa. Forgive him, I think he musta let a corn stalk impale him up the ass…damn hawkeyes

Stacy Johnson-Klein is Milftastic

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