Monday, June 27, 2011

Serena Williams Nude in ESPN Magazine-celebrities

Here is one photo of Serena Williams nude from ESPN “The Body Issue”.  I also add a few photos of Serena out and about in a very short dress.

Today’s Top Ten [featuring the hottest girls of the '80s]

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Amber Rose dominates a bikini(9photos)

Amber Rose, who I guess is now pretty much famous for once dating Kayne West, went to the beach the other day and did her best impression of Coco destroying a bikini. Now I had these pics a day or two ago but honestly wasn’t sure what to do with them. I mean, they’re pretty epic and I wanted to fully digest them and come up with something profound to say before sharing.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Meet Vanessa Huppenkothen!-celebrities

Okay, I’m not exactly sure that Vanessa Huppenkothen is Mexican. In fact, there’s a real good chance she isn’t. Then again she did pose all sexy-like with her friend, Major Cleavage, for this month’s Max magazine which is published in Mexico and she did participate in Nuestra Belleza México for Distrito Federal in 2007. Close enough! I also think she may have something to do with Mexican TV, maybe a hostess or something.

Guess That Ass(6pics)-pretty


Miranda Kerr makes for one sexy streetwalker(9pics)-celebrities

Miranda Kerr is the gift that just keeps on giving. The other day we had Miranda in leather with a riding crop and today we get to see her looking like the sexiest streetwalker ever for some photo shoot at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. Why was she posing for photos like this at Milk Studios in Los Angeles? I have no idea, I’m just glad she was.

Paris Hilton at the “Late Show with David Letterman” in New York City(2pics)

Starlet Paris Hilton arrives at the “Late Show with David Letterman” in New York City, NY.

Laser Body Hair Removal(2pics)

Body hair removal is something that men and women alike deal with over certain periods of time in which they wish to remove excess hair from the body. Depending on the sex of the person and the type of hair growth that they have experienced, there can be varying amounts of hair on different parts of the body. Luckily, there are many ways that the individual can remove this hair from the body.

Guess That Ass(2photos)-pretty


And the answer is Fergie. I said this a couple weeks ago and I stand by it. If you have a body like Fergie does than you can piss yourself all day long and still be hot as shit. Just keep wearing those leather pants, doing handstands and knocking dudes over with your ass and I'll drink that urine up like wine.



Wednesday Wasabi: Rio Hamasaki

Nives Celzijus puts the hump in hump day(14pics)-celebrities

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had actually done a post on this Nives Celzijus babe at some point in the past. Even my Who the hell? babes are now starting to reappear here now without me realizing it. Turns out she was the WAG who was filmed ‘doing it’ with her soccer boy on the pitch in some music video. Good to see she is staying with her strengths in this photo shoot for FHM Germany.

Charlize Theron Tribute Dinner-celebrities

Charlize Theron and her gorgeous self.

Celebrity dirt: Adrienne Palicki’s Wonder Woman costume leads today’s gossip(2)-celebrities

A look at Adrienne Palicki in her new Wonder Woman costume “What's different from what we've seen before? Well, how about those shiny blue pants? And blue boots instead of red ones?” Celebrity nude photo blogger goes underground, FBI investigation continues “The blogger accused of publishing titillating photos of nude celebrities illegally obtained by [a] ring of hackers has gone underground, shutting down his site and deleting his social networking pages.” Natalie Portman, Lindsey Vonn, and Carly Patterson added to the hacked pics list

Guyism After Dark: Audrina, Megan, or Elisha???(4pics)

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Take your pick: Audrina, Megan, or Elisha???

TwitPic Theater: Sexy Easter Bunnies, Arianny Celeste’s Pool Party, Good Day LA Edition

A lot of folks spent the Easter holiday weekend enjoying the outdoors or visiting with family and friends. We spent it finding a whole bunch of sexy tweets. In a sense, it’s the TSJ version of an Easter egg hunt. These are the “eggs” we found and each one is awesome. Seriously, make it to the end and tell me in the comments if this isn’t the best Easter you’ve ever had. I promise a full refund. Enjoy!

A moment with Christine Hendricks(4pics)

Joanna Krupa in a Tiny Orange Bikini (6)

This should be a wordless post to allow you to soak in every inch of Joanna Krupa’s oil covered bikini-clad body.


Guyism After Dark: Anna, Jemma, or Gabriella???

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Take your pick: Anna, Jemma, or Gabriella???

Irina Shayk makes any event better(1)-babe

I'd pay top dollar for that...

Guess That Ass(3pics)


And the answer is once again Marissa Miller.   Listen I don’t know who Marissa Miller thinks she’s dealing with here.   But if she keeps switching up bikinis, I’ll just keep making her our guess that ass contestant everyday.   I mean I got no life.  I ain’t going anywhere.   She wants to get nuts?  Let’s get nuts!    


MILF Monday: Gena Lee Nolin-holytaco-babes

Where You’ve Seen Her: Gena Lee Nolin is best known for her work in Baywatch.  Before that, she won a Las Vegas Beauty Pageant, which basically means she has a sex tape.  She’s now retired and married to retired NHL player Cale Hulse and is working on a book about motherhood, which basically means they have absolutely no money to speak of.
MILF Monday: Gena has 4 kids, age 12, 3, and 1….and 36 if you want to include Cale.

Guyism After Dark: Fibi, Halle, or Lucy???(4)-celebrities

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Take your pick: Fibi, Halle, or Lucy???

Meet Violet Doll

Taylor Cole Maxim-um Hotness! (14)-Safe For Work

Ode to the “Ode to Women” Women: Jordan, Wendy & Mina

Your Best Friend’s Ex has just put out a video that is up our alley. Actually, we can’t say we support the “Bitch, shut your mouth” chorus — that’s not nice.

Guyism After Dark: Hot nerd crushes

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