Sunday, July 10, 2011

LeAnn Rimes Misses ‘Shape’ Magazine Cover Party(4pics)-news

Last night was the party for LeAnn Rimes October 'Shape Magazine' cover, but the newly engaged singer was not surprisingly absent. The editor of Shape, Valerie Latona had previously sent an email to her subscribers apologizing for putting a 'husband-stealer' on the cover of the magazine, but LeAnn's reps claim that had nothing to do with her absence.

Miss COED: Lisa Marie Scott(19)-Safe For Work

1 Born in Pensacola, Florida this 34-year-old actress and model has appeared in everything from Vanity Fair to Married…With Children. Though she began studying ballet, this super-hottie graduated summa cum laude from UCLA in 2000 with a degree in history. She’s been in the pages of FHM, was Playboy‘s Playmate of the Month in February 1995 and has appeared in Special Edition Playboys a whopping 25 times! Check out Lisa Marie Scott’s Miss COED gallery after the jump!

Lovely Lady Links: Katrina Bowden, Golf Girls, Raica Oliveira and More(10photos)

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we bring you the 10 sexiest girl galleries from around the internet. These are your lovely lady links for April 7, 2011 (click the pics to see the rest of the gallery).

1. Katrina Bowden is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive (Esquire)

Miss COED: Lauren Stevens, UF ’08

0 Lauren Stevens is a senior at University Florida majoring in Event Planning. Check out her Miss COED Gallery after the jump!

Bar Refaeli Watches the Roland Garros 2011(7pics)

Bar Refaeli attends the Roland Garros 2011 French Open Draw with friends.


Wake Up with Milla Jovovich (Gimpy request)(52pics)-pretty



She’s a Pinball Wizard(1pics)

Kids these days. They sit at home and play video games. Where’s the fun or danger in that? Back when we were young, we went to arcades—dark, seedy places where impressionable youths and burned-out older dudes alike convened to pump quarters into their preferred pinball machines or Pac Man cabinets.

Cassie Cutler Is Washington’s Finest(12photos)

Puyallup, Washington native Cassie Cutler is making her first appearance on TSJ, but that doesn’t mean you’ve never seen her before. She was featured in a magazine who’s name we dare not speak back in August, and is currently in the running for that same magazine’s Hometown Hotties contest. She certainly gets our vote! She’s been modeling for just over a year, but she’s already got an impressive resume going for her. And now, you can add a feature appearance right here on TSJ to that growing list of accomplishments.

Tatyana Kotova is one super hot Russian(7)-celebrities

Tatyana Kotova, Miss Russia 2006, appears in the latest issue of Maxim Russia and I must say Tatyana is a most deserving title-holder. Wow. I am definitely going to include Tatyana in the new TV show I am developing. She’ll bring in the Russian demographic. And pretty much every other heterosexual male in the world.

Katherine Heigl, No More Talking For You(2)-holytaco-babes

Katherine Heigl is on a mission to piss off and alienate everyone who is able to formulate words and thoughts.  Earlier this year she complained about Knocked Up being sexist, even though it basically made her career, and now this: reports: Katherine Heigl has never been one to keep her thoughts to herself, and the latest is that she’s talking about leaving Grey’s Anatomy for good. Apparently Katherine is sick of the long hours on set.

Guyism After Dark: For the win(1pics)

Denise Milani for the win (ads NSFW) Lily Allen nip slip/panty upskirt combo (NSFW) Katherine Heigl looking delicious (ads NSFW) Keeley Hazel in nothin’ but red lipstick (NSFW) Asian import model Jeri Lee Penélope Cruz topless in Los Abrazos Rotos (NSFW) The single best commercial EVER (ads NSFW) Sophie Reade topless for New Look magazine (NSFW) Yesica Toscanini bikini heaven (ads NSFW) Emily Scott nude is just one more reason to move to Australia (NSFW) Hot babes on parade TGIF Hottie: Andrea Kendra Wilkinson topless on her show (NSFW) This girl is all over my Schlitz

Stacked in Black Hose and Garters Straddling a Chair

Stacked in Black Hose and Garters Straddling a Chair showing off her gorgeous amateur chest!

Derek Jeter Has Banged 6 More Maxim Hot 100 Women Than You-pretty

The annual Maxim Hot 100 is scheduled to be released in a few days, and according to reports, no less than SIX women on the list have banged Derek Jeter. I'm not real good at math so I had someone crunch the numbers for me, and apparently 6 out of 100 is somewhere around 6%. And that's just out of the 100 on this list. Extrapolate those numbers out to a world poplulation of 6 billion people, and that means Jeter has bedded something like 100 million women.

A Last Day Tribute to the Bush Twins

Regardless of your political leanings, today as we observe the peaceful transfer of power and celebrate the miracle that is the Constitution of these United States, we should pause for a moment and recognize to contribution to our way of life of the outgoing president. Because no matter what you think about George W. Bush, he gave us something... two things actually... that Obama never can. He gave us the Bush Twins.

Creating Hairstyles for Teens(2)-hair

There are many hairstyles that are created and popular with teens around the globe. In order to create these hairstyles one must be above and aware of the trends which are being displayed in the world of hairstyling.

When Good Club Turn Bad(19pics)-hot

When you hit the clubs you always see the hotties and when you go online you always see the hotties, but you know not everyone in that club is that hot or they are a douche!

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