Friday, July 15, 2011

Victoria Silvstedt, hard at work, in her bikini-celebrities

Every time I see photos of Victoria Silvstedt in a bikini (which is at least once a week) I think to myself, “How is it that this woman can afford to always be on vacation?” Then it dawns on me… She has big fake boobies and is somehow connected to rich men. Put two (tits) and two (legs) together and you get a nothing! Victoria! Case solved. (Be sure to take note of the grabass photos below. Truly special work.)

Miss COED: Julianne Hough

0 Two time Dancing With The Stars winner Julianne Hough and partner Adam Carolla got the boot on last nights episode. Julianna is left to fall back on her young age on 20, dance moves, a sexy image, killer body and next season of Dancing With The Stars while Carolla has his… comedy? err nothing. Check out Julianne Hough’s Miss COED gallery after the jump!
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