Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guess That Ass


Doutzen Kroes for Harper’s Bazaar

Doutzen Kroes shows her incredible sexy body and her sweet baby-girl face in this Harper Bazaar photo shoot.

Finding Pictures of Short Layered Haircuts: Cameron Diaz-hair

When trying to get a new style, most women seek pictures that can be found on the internet, through the use of hairstyle websites and guides to help them to seek new information and styles when it comes to their hair. Through these galleries, celebrity photos are one of the main sources of inspiration for most women.

Halloween Hottie in Sheer Black-boob

Halloween Hottie in Sheer Black.  Is she a trick or treat?

Miss COED: Emily Gleason


Sexy Girl and Car

Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day (Christy)-pretty

Introducing Christy.  A Bright Knight and proud St. A’s alum.  It’s about time we had a potato sack girl around here.   But Christy totally fits the bill.  Hot, Cute….just want to stick her in a potato sack bag and marry the shit out her.

Leola Bell, #18 With a Bullet!

Look, we fully support the Playboy Miss Social contest — which ends in an hour, so hustle over to the Miss Social Facebook app and vote. But we must say, we were surprised to find our pick Leola Bell languishing in 18th place. It also seemed weird that she was competing in a Facebook contest but does not have a Facebook page. Turns out she was kicked off of Facebook when someone reported her for cyberbullying and harassment while the contest was going on. That just seems fishy. She’s a sweet girl as far as we can tell.

Knee Jerk Reactions to Week 14: Pats vs. Seahawks-pretty

Things to consider while wishing I'd taken the Over on the number of "Sleepless in Seattle" puns we'll get on NESN Sportsdesk this morning:

Julie Henderson Photos-Safe For Work

Adriana Lima Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Photoshoot

Here we've got Adriana Lima doing one hell of a drool inducing job of showing off her bodacious curves for a Victoria’s Secret lingerie photoshoot. She keeps rocking our minds and dreams with regular photoshoots like this one!

Carrie Underwood's Bikini Honeymoon in Tahiti-celebrities

Newlywed Carrie Underwood and her husband were married a few days ago.  Here they are enjoying some sun and fun on their honeymoon in Tahiti.  Carrie recently commented on getting married to the love of her life:

“We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and to have shared this day with our friends and family that mean so much to us!” – read more

Christina Ricci in Blackbook

Here’s the slim looking Christina Ricci in the new issue of Blackbook.  Christina discusses her battle with anorexia as a teen in the article.  I guess she says she’s overcome her eating disorder.  I must say that for being over anorexia she does look awfully skinny in these photos.

Get Classic Hair Styles With Short Hair Updos

Want to get that elegant updos but worried because of your short hair? Well, you don't need to wait till your hair grows past your shoulder to make an updo. Short hair updos are easy to do; it depends on the length of your short hair though.

Spanish WAG Sara Carbonero

There’s not a whole lot to do without football, but for those of you bored out of your mind, there is football to watch. Well, soccer to us Yanks. It’s going on in South Africa now, and apparently one of the hotter sideline reporters there is Spanish dish Sara Carbonero, who works for Telecinco.

Rumor has it, Sara Carbonero, who is dating a Spanish soccer player at the FIFA 2010 World Cup games, is so hot that she distracted her boyfriend during his match and caused the team to lose. What do you think — is Sara Carbonero hot enough to throw a game?

How to Get a Stylish Haircut that Can Be Easily Grown Out-hair

There are new hairstyles that can be found for inspiration every single day through fashion and hairstyle blogs, as well as through fashion and hairstyles magazines that are released every week or every month. Through the many styles that can be seen

Sexy Girl-wallpaper

Whitney Port Bikini Pictures-Best

Whitney Port Bikini

Whitney Port  showing off her bikini body. I don’t care much for her or The Hills, but I do enjoy

Tila Tequila is attention-getting-babe

I hate myself for being turned on by this...

Miss COED: Daniella Valentina

6By Neal - Johns Hopkins

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