Saturday, August 6, 2011

Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day (Alexandria)-pretty

Introducing Alexandra from Boston. Not surpinsingly Coco Crisp couldn't have her try on his World Series ring fast enough. Sorry Coco. It's going to take more than that to get a girl like this.

Do you know any smokeshows? We don't want them. We need them. Hot girls are like the blood that flows through my veins.



The Sweet 16: Teasing-celebrities

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Alyssa Miller looks like a honeymoon dream-lingerie

Now there's a photo for your wedding album...

Brooke Hogan is Sexy in Blue Bikini-sex beach

Here's a post for all you Hulkamaniacs: Here Brooke Hogan in a blue bikini,while at work filming a music video for her new single on the beach in Miami on Sunday,who really looks good less manly , Hogan was turning heads left and right as she exposed her "Redemption" lower back tattoo.Enjoy!

Photo : SplashNewsOnline

Human Hair Weaves-hair

Human hair weaves allow you to completely change the style of your hair, add color and highlights and even increase the length and volume without damaging the natural hair color.

People use human hair weaves as a way to increase the length of their hair or add texture. These weaves can be purchased at beauty supply stores and can be applied by professional stylists.

Wake Up with Great Moments in Leg Crossing-pretty

Mr. Marisa Miller, Griffin Guess: King of All Douchebags (PICS)-Safe For Work

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Cheryl Tweedy’s new music video is cleavetastic!-celebrities


Playboy Playmate Stella Stevens -Best

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Katrina Bowden Sexy Pictorial-sex

Thursday, 7 April 2011 03:32

Who Wants to be Snorkeled by Alessandra Ambrosio?-Safe For Work

Yeah, get in line, buddy. We’re not actually sure how one would be snorkeled by Alessandra, but we’re willing to give it a try. It’s bound to be better than being snorkeled by former Congressman Eric Massa. As you may recall, that sort of snorkeling involved the snorkeler placing his testicles over the eyes of the snorkelee. As you can deduce from several of these pictures, Alessandra does not have testicles. She does have things she could place over our eyes, but there has to be some other term for that. Inverted motorboating? Help us out here.

Lucy Mecklenburgh Nude-celebrities

Lucy Mecklenburgh posed nude in the new is of New magazine. She also posed in a bikini on her vacation to Marbella a couple of weeks ago.

Vidya Balan is Bollywood goodness-Best

Green is a good color for her...

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