Saturday, August 13, 2011

Olive Garden Doesn’t Want Kendra Wilkinson-holytaco-babes

When I was looking for prom dates, I asked this girl out who sort of looked like a mix between Philip Seymour Hoffman and and that weird guy from ghost that teaches Patrick Swayze how to use his ghost powers and then freaks out and jumps in that subway. I did it because I figured there’s no way I’d get rejected. But when I asked her, she pretended like she didn’t hear me, then I repeated my question, and she went “what, I think, I’m gonna be-” and then just started running.

Cute girl-girl

A moment with Vera Jordanova-celebrities

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Olivia Wilde puts on a smokeshow in Elle magazine-celebrities

Okay, ladies. Please explain to me why Olivia Wilde is striking these ridiculously provocative poses in Elle magazine? If this was in Maxim or FHM or some men’s babe magazine I would totally get it, but Elle? I see this all the time in women’s magazines and every time I am dumbfounded by it. Are you all secretly lesbians and just not telling us, because if you are, it’s okay to tell us. Trust me, we won’t be upset.

Angel “Lola” Luv-holytaco-babes

Age: 21

Stickly Taylor Momsen Lezes Out -hot

The soon to be 18 year old actress and most recently, musician has made the decision to make lesbianism part of her musical act. In a recent show she partied on stage with several other scantily clad girls and came awfully close to giving one of them a tasty smooch.


Tara Reid Drops Some Big Cleavage-celebrities

Friday, 27 May 2011 04:41

Jessica Alba Gets Married-celebrities

Well, at least in the movie she does.� Here she is on the set of the new Fantasitc Four 2.� I didn’t really think the first one was that great.� Maybe this one will be better.� I wonder if there is a steamy honeymoon sex scene after they get married.� That’ll definitely make that movie worth watching.

Miss COED: Catherine Nikole-fashion girl

0 Twenty-five-year-old big-eyed, blond hottie Catherine Nikole is a fashion and glamour model from Louisville, Kentucky. Aaaaannd, that’s pretty much all we know about her… But something tells us that a girl this superfly is going to find herself on a magazine cover one of these days, soon. When that happens, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Controversial Pakistani Hottie Tehmeena Afzal-bad girl

Do you remember few weeks back we brought you a wonderful gallery of this this hot Pakistani babe Tahmeena Afzal. She is a kind of girl who can change your views about Pakistan.

Rose McGowan’s Got My Vote-celebrities

Battle At Glastonbury: Lady Gaga Vs Lily Allen-celebrities

Traci Bingham’s boobs are still on display-find a girl

I find it amazing that I didn’t do a single post on Traci Bingham until last week and now I have had her in four posts since then. Just goes to show you the power of the boob.

Zoe Saldana Looks Very Sexy in Be Magazine-celebrities

Monday, 13 June 2011 05:42

Lovely Lady Links: Sucker Punch, Irina Shayk, Lady Gaga and More-facebook girls

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we bring you the 10 sexiest girl galleries from around the internet. These are your lovely lady links for March 24, 2011 (click the pics to see the rest of the gallery).

1. The Sexy Women of Sucker Punch (FunnyCrave)

Guyism After Dark: Blown away-tits

Hot links to get you through the night…

Cute Bikini Boobs Cleavage-big breasts

Cute Bikini Boobs Cleavage cupping her sexy breasts in a little black bikini top!

Sophie Turner is back in a bikini-bikini girl

Our second favorite Australian hot nobody named Sophie, Sophie Turner, is back with yet more bikini pictures. I, as usual, have no idea what purpose these photos of her in bikini serve other than to get her some attention and make men drool over her… what’s that?

Miranda Kerr's First Bikini After Baby-lingerie

Many of us including me were thinking that this babe has just killed her career, but we were so wrong. Miranda Kerr is back to work and showing off her outrageously fit post-baby body.

The Victoria's Secret model welcomed son Flynn, with husband Orlando Bloom, in early January and has already bounced back into lingerie-ready shape. She was snapped yesterday during a photo shoot for Victoria's Secret in Malibu and wowed the crowd in a simple black bikini, our friends over at PopEater report.

Sexy Skin Palettes -hot

These hot chicks would make your mouth water without the skin art, but when they turn themselves into sensual art galleries, they are beyond sexy. An expression of their free souls, the tattoos invite you to touch and explore.


Pink Bikini Amateur Showing Off Her Naturals-cleavage

Pink Bikini Amateur Showing Off Her Naturals.  Hot bikini cleavage!

Eva Mendes sexy in her new dress-news

Eva Mendes sexy in her new dress: Eva Mendes showed off her brunette curls while hitting the premiere of Little White Lies at the Rome Film Festival. Her radiant locks were the perfect shade for her blush colored dress. We've spotted other celebrities with a similar look, including Taylor Swift, Samantha Harris, and Stephanie Pratt. Check out all 714 pictures in the Long Curls Lookbook.

Find Out Who's Talking About cool hot-big girl

Ashley Jones sexes up FHM UK
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