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Who The Hell Is This Smokin’ 9Five Model?-Safe For Work

0By COED Staff Why do I love 9Five sunglasses? Where do I even begin? Not only can their stylin’ shades make the most ridiculous loser on Earth look cool but they know how to market the product!  Look at this smokin’ hot model for crap sake!! Way to go fellas, you finally realized that sexy babes can sell anything. Greatest marketing plan ever!

Designer Pots with Faces(8)-pretty

Amazing pots designed to enhance the beauty of your garden and home. You can put your own family faces on these pots and enjoy with a different look

daily BEST:Unknown Facts About cool body painting(13pics)-sex beach

Spring Break Bikini Beach Girls Gallery 3

Gerda Marie Mare-hot

Very little can be found about this amazing looking model, Gerda Marie Mare. She has posed several times for Sports Illustrated and Maxim. Where is she from??

Cutie in Sexy Panties Covering Them Up with a Hand Bra-panties

Cutie in Sexy Panties Covering Them Up with a Hand Bra

Cutie in Sexy Panties Covering Them Up with a Hand Bra

Cutie in Sexy Panties Covering Them Up Topless

Chris Brown was “making out” with Amber Rose

The 'Run It' star Chris Brown locked lips with the model – the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West – at P. Diddy's White Party in Beverly Hills on Saturday night (04.07.09), despite arriving at the bash with 18-year-old singer Teyana Taylor. A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: “Diddy announced the DJ would be performing a tribute to Michael Jackson. Chris did an amazing impression of Michael’s moonwalk. It wasn’t long before he was dancing with Amber.

Kelly Brook’s Steamy FHM Australia Shoot(5pics)

Here are some topless pictures of British glamor model Kelly Brook from the newest issue of FHM Australia, and as always she looks amazing. She has one incredible body. Photo Credit: FHM Australia Filed under: Celebrities Tags: Kelly Brook

Valentine's Countdown of Athlete's Wives & Girlfriends: No. 8 Abigail Clancy(24pics)

This is Abigail Clancy, the wife of Peter Crouch. Peter is listed as a "footballer," but I had never heard of him and couldn't find his name in any of the NFL player indexes. It turns out they're both from England, where they play a game called "football" that looks very much like our soccer. Except soccer is something you take your kid to on a Saturday morning so they can run around for a hour while you drink Dunkin' Donuts, where this English football-soccer thing is played by grown men.

What's Really Happening With pretty actress(22)

Aya Kiguchi

On Her Knees in a White Bra and Stockings(2)

On Her Knees in a White Bra and Stockings showing off her full cleavage.  Nice!

Blake Lively handcuffed, showing cleavage for Interview (with video)(11pics)-pretty girls

Just how I like ‘em. Interview magazine took some photos of Blake Lively for this month’s issue and they’re all artsy fartsy but still quite sexy. They involve the aforementioned cleavage and handcuffs so how could they not be? Interview magazine has had a pretty good year. They’ve gotten Blake here, Ashley Greene and Madonna to pose for them. As the old song goes, two out of three ain’t bad. (Super Bonus Video below.)

Tips for Hairstyles: Do It Yourself(2)

Are you looking for a hairstyle, do it yourself project that you can complete at home? Perhaps you are trying to save money when it comes time to your hair and reducing the costs of using hairstylists to make Updos within the style.

Here are some tips that you can use to get the professional appearing hairstyles at home, for a fraction of the price:

daily BEST:Nicole Kidman FAIL-celebrities

Here’s a pics of Nicole Kidman at the premiere of Nine failing to apply makeup properly. Although we will give Nicole the benefit of the doubt that the white substance on her face is makeup powder, this post could easily be a win if the white substance was used for ‘recreational purposes’.

Simply Stacked and Stunning in a Tight White Shirt-boob

Simply Stacked and Stunning in a Tight White Shirt revealing a perfect chest and areola prints.

Reese Witherspoon Goes to War(11pics)

Here’s sexy MILF Reese Witherspoon on set and having a make out session for her new movie This Means War.

Fergie Upskirt Photos

I posted�Fergie bikini wedgie photos a few days back.� Now here’s a few upskirts.

More hot tattooed girls

I personally think the female form is perfect just the way it is. Others think they need to add ink to finish it off! I guess its down to your own preference! Here is another fine section of tattooed girls.


Spring Break Bikini Guide: Microkini Biking(13pics)

Guyism After Dark: Dancing star(5pics)-Japanese girl

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Local Smokeshow of the Day (Fasha)

Jerry O’Connell Apologizes To Rebecca Romijn(3)-holytaco-babes

When I first got out of college I was so broke I applied for a job writing gay asian porn stories for the web. I’m not joking. The guy said “20 bucks a story, and you have to use the words “Asian, Gay, Men, and Huge” in the title and the story as many times as you can. So I wrote a sample called “Huge gay asian men.” Anyway, I didn’t get the job and he sent me an e-mail back saying “you obviously don’t know what turns on men.” Which, if my dad is reading this will make him fairly happy.

Diora Baird's Sexy FHM Cover(8)-sex

Here’s Diora Baird topless and half-naked in the November 2010 issue of FHM.  I could only find the cover photo for now.  That’s why I added a video and some extra photos from an older issue of FHM

Nina Senicar looking sexy as hell in GQ

The last time we saw Nina Senicar she was on the beach in a bikini looking about as hot as a woman is legally allowed to look. Today, it’s more of the same as she did a little photo shoot for GQ Italy that will blow your… mind. Now I know that many photos that appear in magazines have been touched up, but after seeing her in the aforementioned bikini photos I must say that I don’t think there was much work done here. That’s just a certified d-ck wrecker of an arse right there, boys… plain and simple.

How to Make Lip Gloss-bad girl

Lip gloss is one of the easiest cosmetic items which can be made. It is made with a variety of natural ingredients that can provide a fantastic alternative to seeking chemical filled unnatural lip gloss products. This way, you know exactly what is being placed in the products that you are creating, rather than products that have come off of the shelf.

Olivia Wilde once again leaves little to the imagination-celebrities

Best dress ever...

Wake Up with Sweet Dee and other Notable Ds-pretty

Other Ds

Adrienne Barbeau

Amber Smith

Ann Margaret

Anna Nicole Smith


Carmen Electra

Dolly Parton

Gerry Halliwell

Jacqueline Bisset

Jayne Mansfield

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Lavoie

Jennifer McCarthy

Jerri Ryan

Mrs. UB



Kim Kardashian

Laura San Giacomo

Loni Anderson

The First Mrs. UB

Patricia Ford

Raquel Welch

Samantha Fox

Shannon Elizabeth

Heidi And Spencer Make Out For Dodgers

This is a “candid” photo of Heidi and Spencer at the Dodger game last night.  Imagine you paid 150 dollars for seats behind home plate, only to find that not only do you have to watch Andruw Jones patrol center field, which looks eerily similar to an incredibly fat sea lion attempting to find the sunniest spot on a buoy, but you now have to put up with these two f-ing retards getting up to pose every time they hear a camera bag unzip.

Kim Kardashian Sexy Pictorial(2)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011 04:03

Kirsten Dunst(2pics)

Today’s Top Ten [featuring sexy billionaires]-sex

Ten of the best links the Internet has to offer…

Mandy Moore(2pics)-wallpaper

Bar Refaeli down on all fours for Vs magazine

I don’t know what Vs magazine is, but holy hell did they get Bar Refaeli to bring the sexy for a photo shoot. We’ve got hand bras, Bar crawling on the floor, Bar spread eagle, and more! Not that getting Bar Refaeli to look sexy is difficult. She could look sexy just rolling out of bed after a night having wild sex and pounding booze. Not sure why that image came to mind… Wishful thinking on my part?
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