Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley demonstrates the push-up bra-Best

She may be the new ‘star’ of Transfomers 3, but Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will always be an Angel to me as she clearly knows how the proper use of a push-up bra in this photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret. So what do you think? Are the bras doing their jobs? Maybe you better take a extra few moments to decide. I know I will.

Miss USA Rima Fakih models bikinis(11pics)

Our favorite pole-dancing beauty queen, Miss USA Rima Fakih, did a photo shoot in which she wore various bikinis and put her one step closer to being the best Miss USA ever.

Lady Gaga Retard Act Continues..(2)-bitch

Give me a break! It’s 2009 and she’s talking about the ol’ “Men can be rockstars while women can’t” argument?Lady! Madonna already broke down that wall 20 years ago , and she seems to not understand the word “feminist”. Dear Lady Gaga, according to Oxbridge Dictionary: Adj. 1. feminist – of or relating to or advocating equal rights for women .Go back to school little one!

Jorgie Porter is one of Britain’s sexiest TV stars

Yes, TV is better in the UK...

Interlude: Back to back to back to back(5photos)-celebrities

Butler Bulldogs Cheerleader Pictures(27pics)-Safe For Work

Jennifer Aniston Gets Erotic with Banana-dress for girls

Jennifer Aniston seductively eats a banana, nibbles on a hot dog and sucks on an iced lolly dressed in just her underwear in Horrible Bosses - one of her sexiest film roles ever.

The actress ditches her clean-cut Friends persona as she stars as a sex-crazed dentist in the upcoming comedy.

In the newly-released trailer, Aniston swaps her long blonde locks for brown hair and a fringe for her role as the predatory Dr Julia Harris.

bar refaeli(31photos)

daily BEST:Vida Guerra: A Tribute to the World’s Most Beautiful Backside (102pics)

4By COED Staff

Kat Von D dating with Jesse James

Kat Von D dating with Jesse James: Though only weeks ago Kat was saying she believed Jesse was “the one,” it transpired that she may actually have been using him to get her ex, Nikki Sixx jealous. After she accomplished her mission, she went back to Nikki, kicking Jesse to the curb, it was said. As it turns out, it’s not true: Kat and Jesse are still together, still going strong.

Unusual Female Portraits(16pics)

Amazing photography concept. The creative artist has given these portraits of girls a very unique and cool look. The beauty of these hot girls is enhanced in these awesome picture shots

Money paid system for night party girls(2pics)

FHM’s High Street Honeys are back-celebrities

Every year in what has to be the most awesome competition in the world (right there side-by-side with Maxim’s Hometown Hotties) is the annual FHM High Street Honeys tournament of awesomeness.

Barkha Bisht-actress

Lady Gaga Buying A Hot + A Random Nip Slip = WIN

via Buzzfeed

Christina Aguilera Still A Super MILF(14pics)-big girl

Christina Aguilera Cleavage

The mega MILF Christina Aguilera followed Kim Kardashian and joined Perez’s birthday party for some free exposure. She got dressed in a leopard skin and performed for her ‘friend’. The only thing I appreciate is her huge rack and the fact the she’s got that dirty girl look. Oh yea, and her veiny big breasts.

Alessandra Ambrosio And A Vivid Imagination = Win(14)-bad girl

Here are some shots of Alessandra Ambrosio showing off her bad ass body in a bathing suit in St Barts for Victoria Secret. If you have a vivid imagination, take away the background, [click to continue…]

[Oscarland] Mikie Hara-asian

Hart Sisters under the Sun in Bikinis (20)

If there is one thing that most men would fantasize, it would be two sisters being under the sun in bikinis, eating watermelon slices, and playing frisbee - all the while being sweaty from the heat. And that's what two sisters, Jessica and Ashley Hart, are doing as they do activities for the summer in Central Park and show off their curvy bodies for the boys to drool. Oh boys, you are going to love these pictures. We're pretty sure those guys fantasies are whirling faster now.


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