Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where to Find Pictures of Milky Way Updos

Are you looking for an Updo style that you can create with the weave that you have chosen? There are many ideas you can use for inspiration that come from the popular line of weaves, Milky Way Weaves, through the popular styles that can help you to choose your hairstyle for a formal or semi formal event.

Here are some of the places that you can look for ideas for Milky Way Updos:

Kelly Brook Is A Nerdy Dominatrix(13pics)-Safe For Work

6By COED Staff This is what I like to see, Kelly Brook dressed as a hot little nerdy dominatrix. So nice. I've always liked hot nerdy girls in glasses and I absolutely love a chick in a latex bodysuit, so put them together and you get 15 pictures of Kelly Brook doing what she does best…looking hot. Follow COED Magazine on Twitter Fan COED Magazine on Facebook Check out these great posts from our partners PHOTOS: Bedtime sexiness… PHOTO: Three best friends! PHOTO: Her private moment caught on camera….

Erin Andrews 911 Emergency Call(2pics)

Beautiful Sagarika Ghatge launches Beauty Product!

Rihanna In Trapeze Shoot

And while Chris Brown began serving his community labor for beating up his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna did a brand new trapeze-themed photoshoot. The pictures taken by famous photographer Richard Grassie show the Umbrella singer balancing on a trapeze in mid-air, wearing a set of revealing see-through outfits. Sexy!

Elisha Cuthbert Shooting Paris Hilton-gossip

Elisha Cuthbert shooting Paris Hilton

Elisha Cuthbert’s taking some photos of Paris Hilton holding a very small dog in her hands. That small dog is in perfect contrast with her very large pussy (not talking about a cat).

Taking close shots at (on) Paris Hilton’s face is not something very unusual, all her boyfriends did. We have some pretty obvious footage proving this.

Christina Aguilera-wallpaper

Michelle Hunziker always looks good

So thaaat's what she looks like with clothes on...

College Cutie Downblouse Cleavage Flasher(2pics)-cleavage

College Cutie Downblouse Cleavage Flasher showing a little peek at her goodies.  What a hottie!

Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day (Jill)

Introducing Jill from Lexington.  Middlesex League in the Hizzouse!   What a great way to head into the weekend.  A little Jill action from Lexington never gets old.  Peace Out bitches!

Hot girl-cute

Ana Beatriz Barros also knows bikinis(15)

Bar Refaeli isn’t the only one who knows bikinis. Ana Beatriz Barros knows a thing or two about them as well as this photo shoot for something called Komplique Swimwear proves. I’ve come to the determination that bikini companies only hire about five models anymore.

Christy Hemme-cleavage

Where You’ve Seen Her: Christy Hemme is a jack of all trades in hotness.  Not only can she act in movies we’ve never seen and pose in scandalous pictures for Playboy,  she can easily kick your ass because she’s a wrestler.  What’s with female wrestlers being hot all a sudden?  She’s also a singer/songwriter.  For some reason I see World’s Hottest Ventriloquist on the horizon.
Pointless Quote: "There’s nothing I can’t do."

Emo Love (19photos)

Each year more and more girls get into being emo and punk. Check out some of the hottest emo chicks on the internet.


Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day (Jenna)(11pics)

Introducing Jenna from Milford.  Congrats to Jenna because she just got 2 VIP tickets to our Smokeshow Blue Ball taking place Thursday October 9th at Ned Devine’s.   Yup the party everybody has been asking about is finally in place.    All former Smokeshows get 2 VIP tickets which includes access to the VIP open bar for the entire night.   Does the Pres do it or does the Pres do it?   So if you’re a former smokeshow and I haven’t contacted you

Gisele Bundchen’s super sexy Muse magazine photo shoot/video(14)

Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen did some posing for the summer issue of Muse magazine thus ensuring that the two of them will never have to live off food stamps. I don’t know much about this Muse magazine other than they were one of the groups out there able to get <a href="http://www.nsfwpoa.com/2009/12/lindsay-lohan-topless-for-muse-magazine.html" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','outbound-article','www.nsfwpoa.com']);" target="_blan</div></div>

Paris Hilton: Braless in Beverly Hills-celebrities

Yes, I know. I said your voting would help decide whether I did any more posts on Paris Hilton. But she went out without a bra and the shirt was pretty much see-through… I am only human…

Lulu Wagstaffe Hopeless Lingerie 2008(21)-Glamour

Lulu Wagstaffe is looking so freaking adorable it hurts! She did photo shoot for beautiful Hopeless lingerie.

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