Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Your 28 favorite women of February(10)

Another month in the books and another interesting selection of sexy ladies as chosen by our readers (who know a thing or two about sexy ladies, amiright?). As was the case in January I thought it only made sense to give you one lovely lady for each day of the month and again I remind you to keep in mind these aren’t necessarily MY favorite women from the past month (though I do very much like them all), these are your choices as determined by the number of views each lady received.

Miss COED: Keeley Hazell


Check out the pictures from her 2008 calendar after the jump!

Jessica Alba Bikini Pics MMMMM!

Well, it’s only going to be one post so far for the beginning of 2007, but at least it’s a good one.� Here’s Jessica Alba all wet and playing football with her boyfriend on the sandy beaches of Miami.� More posts will be coming and I have some good stuff!

Vanessa Anne Hudgens Hot Leopard Pants

Thursday, 15 April 2010 06:18

Vanessa Anne Hudgens looking like a wild kitty in that leopard pants on 4/15/10.

Catrinel Menghia is slippery when wet-celebrities

I have been seeing more and more of this Catrinel Menghia babe as I peruse the Internets and I must say I have been impressed. Take this spread for FHM Romania for example…

Sugababes Performing Live(16photos)-dress for girls


Sugababes live performance in some short and tight dresses. This girl band is totally different from the Sugababes band I first saw some 6-7 years ago. None of these 3 girls were Suga’ back then. Now all that is left is “look at my ass, buy my music”!

Happy 18th Birthday, Hermoine Granger(28)-pretty

Today is Emma Watson's 18th birthday. And no other place on the Web is as well-positioned to pay tribute to this fine young actress than Barstool. One, because I take a back seat to no man when it comes to my appreciation of her work in the Harry Potter movies. And two, because if we here at the Stool have dedicated ourselves to anything, it's been to stopping the objectification of underage girls. Even girls from countries like England where the drinking age is 12 and the age of consent is about the same.

Cheryl Cole lands £3m X Factor USA bargain(2photos)

Cheryl Cole has bagged a 3-million-pound contract to be a judge on the American version of the X Factor. "The execs love her good looks and the way she wears her heart on her sleeve," the Sun quoted an American source as saying. The deal taking Cheryl to the US could be a golden ticket to world superstardom, pals said. "It's a dream come true," a source said. Cheryl met with bigwigs from US network Fox in London and Los Angeles in recent weeks. "Cheryl was absolutely delighted," the source said.

IdolRetouch 36 part 17(21pics)-picasa

Riya Sen Cross Legged Pic-bollywood

Miss COED: Tanya Trianta-Safe For Work

2By COED Staff I’d like to send double thanks to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day and this 21-year-old Limerick export. Tanya has been modeling since 2008 and judging from the photos this blue-eyed hottie should have a long career ahead of her. Want to be a Miss COED?! Submit your pics to models@teamcoed.com

Julia Roberts is one of the most expansive actress(2pics)-pretty girls

Julia Roberts is one of the most expansive actress: Julia Roberts is one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses – and one of the most bankable. Her movies are almost always box office hits, from Pretty Woman to Erin Brockovich (the latter earning her an Academy Award).

Roberts' latest movie Eat Pray Love is in cinemas this month, and to celebrate MovieFIX takes a look at her top 10 films ever. Can you guess which is number one?


A moment with Gemma Atkinson(5)

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.djmick.co.uk/latest/?p=3045" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','outbound-artic</div></div>

This week in celebrity gossip: Another sex tape??-celebrities

Celebrity gossip items you may have missed this week…

Kendra Wilkinson has yet another sex tape coming out, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! In this one she gets busy with some chick named Taryn Ryan. Anyone?

Happy Birthday, Lamar Odom!

Not too long ago, we’d have wondered why we’d be wishing Lamar Odom a happy birthday on a celebrity gossip site.

But then the Lakers power forward married Khloe Kardashian, and has actually remained married to her for over a year. He appears almost as often on E! as on ESPN, causing us to admit we were mistaken about this union and to acknowledge the fact that he’s turning 31.

Guess That Ass


And the answer is Nicole Scherzinger. The collective sigh you just heard across Stooleville is from everybody who guessed Kim Kardashian. Anyway as great as this ass is I got to admit that I was kind of distracted with her pot belly. Is she mini pregnant or something? Regardless, this settles it. If I ever get the chance to fuck Nicole Scherzinger it's going to be doggy style or bust.


Introducing Filipa Nunes…

Today we get to meet a lovely lass named Filipa Nunes. As is often the case I don’t know a single thing about this woman. And as is almost always the case, it does not matter one bit. She must be famous for doing something since she’s on the cover of a magazine, right? This is, however, one of those rare cases where I don’t even know where the woman is from so if you, my dear reader, want to fill in the blanks, please drop us a comment. Think of it as interactive Internet. Like a game. Ready? Go!

Tina Wallman gets our attention in ZOO Australia(10pics)-celebrities

Tina Wallman is another new one for me, but anytime a woman poses in lingerie for ZOO Australia I can’t help but take notice. It’s been a good couple of weeks here for Australia, what with us meeting Gianna Pattison, getting another visit from Emily Scott, learning about <a href="http://guyism.c</div></div>

Jennifer Hawkins – LG mobile phone launch in Sydney(8photos)

Vanessa Hudgens' Candies Campaign(11pics)-celebrities

They must like Vanessa Hudgens over at Candies because they gave her another photoshoot for the their Fall 11′ campaign.

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