Saturday, September 3, 2011

Julianne Moore Michael Thompson Vanity Fair Photoshoot(7photos)

Actress Julianne Moore did photoshoot for Vanity Fair and seems to be ageless despite the fact that she is reaching her 50th birthday.  Moore oozes sensuality in this beautiful photoshoot by Michael Thompson.

Today’s Top Ten [featuring Alessandra Ambrosio]

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Sexy Sisters in Lingerie Are The Best-babe

Wait, there is just two of them, right?

Michelle Madrigal and Ehra Madrigal are featured in this month's FHM Philippines doing what all super hot sisters should be doing, sexing things up together in their bras and panties. For the ones of you who actually read what I write I thought I would let you know that Michelle is a 22 year-old actress and Ehra is a 25 year-old actress on TV shows over there in the Philippines, proving once again that TV is way better everywhere but where I live.

Lauren Ridealgh Is Insanely Hot In Lingerie

Miss Reef 2009(105)-girls

Sorry for the delayed post, been a bit hectic round these parts. So to make up for it I got you a whole bunch of bikini clad girls and no we are not talking the everyday run of the mill half naked hotties! These are the 2009 Miss Reef contestants and I can assure you they seriously don’t get much sexier than these babes.

The 2009 Miss Reef Girls

Danielle Lloyd subconsciously wants you to ride her(6pics)

No idea what “Rustlers” is but they make me want to remake HBO’s Taxicab Confessions with Danielle Lloyd.

Britney Spears gets sexy for Out magazine-panties

Wow, this brings back some fond memories...

Jessica Alba is good at posing for photographs(6)-celebrities

This just in: Jessica Alba is an attractive woman

Celebrity dirt: Lindsay Lohan sentenced to work at morgue and more gossip of the day(3pics)

where is pretty underboob-Blog

Marcela Kloosterboer is an actress from Argentina

How to Date Out of Your League-pretty girls

0By COED Staff

Bar Rafaeli Lingerie Photoshoot(2pics)-lingerie

Monday, 31 January 2011 06:16

Gigantic Jennifer Love Hewitt Jiggling Boob GIFS: Part 2

0By COED Staff Surprise! Just like the Ghost Whisperer, we’re back again with Part 2 of our Gigantic Jennifer Love Hewitt Jiggling Boob GIFS. Because when it comes to Carson Daly’s ex, there can just can’t be enough. So get comfortable and find a private space because what we’re about to show you is guaranteed to make sure you get no work done today. Next page Follow COED Magazine on Twitter Fan COED Magazine on Facebook Check out these great posts from our partners The Fastest Way to Get Fired [PHOTOS]

Hayden Panettiere Hot ‘Room 23′ Pic-celebrities

Hayden Panettiere is another celeb babe to starr in Deborah Anderson’s coffee table volume – Room 23, filled with an impressive list of stars. The Heroes babe looks smoking hot but if only we could angle that mirror down! Check out Marisa Miller and Lindsay Lohan pics from the same shoot!

Lucy Pinder is Naked Wolverine , and She Likes It-bitch

Brit glamour model Lucy Pinder has posed for Daily Star magazine .They gave her some wolverine claws,and thanks to these photos, I will never look at Wolverine in the same way again…

daily BEST:kind of fashion female

Natalia Velez Makes it More Hotter

Arianny Celeste is ample(2pics)

Trust me, she also has a nice smile...

Jenni Farley Pictures(6pics)-holytaco-babes

Where You’ve Seen Her: Jenni Farley, otherwise known as ‘Jwoww’ in the wonderful piece of art we can call Jersey Shore, which is going into its third season.  And even though Snookie is the real star, why not show some pictures of the one that’s actually attractive and the lost twin of Emmanuelle Chriqui?
Pointless Quote: "I am like a praying mantis.  After I have sex with a guy I rip his head off."

RIP ‘Mask’ From Tapout(2pics)

Charles Lewis Jr aka ‘Mask’, co-owner of the Tapout clothing line died early Tuesday morning as his $300,000 Ferrari wrapped around a telephone pole in Orange County, Calif. He was killed instantly at the scene and his female passenger was ejected from the car and suffered broken bones. Police reports attribute the accident to street racing. Our deepest condolences go out to ‘Mask’s family.

daily BEST:Marisa Miller Backstage Pictures(10photos)-celebrities

Here’s Marisa Miller backstage at the Victoria’s Secret 2009 runway show held in New York On November 19. Blonde perfection.

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