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Sexy Girl

Alessandra Ambrosio: Hottest MILF On Earth (Photo Proof)(12pics)-facebook girls

7By COED Staff I find it extremely hard to believe that Alessandra Ambrosio gave birth a little over three months ago! Wait until you see this photo of Alessandra “assuming the position,” from her recent Victoria’s Secret photoshoot – warning: your head is going to explode from hotness overload! Now is that the sexiest Alessandra has ever looked or what? Holy hot Mama! I triple dog dare someone to name a hotter MILF in the comment section, it’s impossible. Follow COED Magazine on Twitter Fan COED Magazine on Facebook

This Week in Women: Danielle Staub, Gwyneth Paltrow & more(6pics)-panties

Every week on Guyism, I drop by to give a quick rundown of women who made headlines during the week for typical female flubs. This week we learn that being on a reality show is still not enough publicity for some attention-whores, and that pretending to love hip hop does not make up for years of being a bitch.

8 Hot Female Celebrities Who Play World Of Warcraft(2photos)-celebrities

8. Felicia Day – ‘Vi’ from Buffy The Vampire Slayer


7. Jenna Jameson – Ex-Pornstar Extraodrinare

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show happened

Man, I should have become a photographer...

Bikini Beach Run(8pics)

The third Annual Bikini Beach run, at Hollywood Park racetrack where the horses run Inglewood, California. Take a bunch of hot girls, dress them in bikini's and let them race! A winning combination! I know which kind of racing I would rather watch, maybe they could do jumps too? I think they should at least make it a weekly event!


All About europe girlfriends(22photos)

Izabel Goulart Overdose

daily BEST:Guyism After Dark: Sexy on the beach(2)

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Katy Perry Hot Legs-celebrities

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 04:29

Katy Perry leggy in black dress out in NY on 13 Apr 2010 , we all know that that guy smiling about he can’t believe he is seeing sexy legs like those.

Warning Signs on pretty girlfriends

Babes of the 2010 French Open

Keira Knightley (7)(1pics)

Valentine's Countdown of Athlete's Wives & Girlfriends: No. 5: Lisa Dergan-pretty

This is Lisa Dergan. Lisa's curriculum vitae includes such stellar accomplishments as: Playboy Playmate, Fox Sports jock sniffing reporter and St. Pauli Girl 2003. And a fun fact about Lisa is that she appears in the James Bond short story "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Richard Benson in which 007 visits the Playboy Mansion and ends up boinking her, making her the only non-fictional Bond Girl. So how is it that she ends up married to Scott Podsednik?

Photo Hot Sexy Model Natalie Foxy in Popular Magazines

Like fairy tales, so the final conclusion about who can be drawn from the life story of Natalie Foxy.Model familiarly called Baby Lee, started his career from the bottom. Shamelessly, she admits she is a regular girl who came from the village. "Then, suddenly she found something that changed her life and become a supermodel. Then she went to Milan. "

The Meaning Of unbelieveable booby

61 Sexy Reasons To Salute The Flag On Memorial Day

Platinum Blonde with Big Boobs and Huge Cleavage(1photos)

Platinum Blonde with Big Boobs and Huge Cleavage. Gorgeous cutie wearing a denim miniskirt and spilling out of tight little top.  How would you like seeing that leaning into your car?!?

Platinum Blonde with Big Boobs and Huge Cleavage

Renaissance Fair Cleavage-cleavage

Renaissance Fair Cleavage squeezing them in her fair maiden costume.  She is hot!

New Miley Cyrus Personal Twitter Photo(1photos)

Rachel Bilson went on vacation, in a bikini(21pics)-sex beach

I knew it! I knew as soon as Rachel Bilson finally got wise and dumped her dink boyfriend she’d bring sexy back. And bring it back she did as she hit the beaches of Hawaii in a bikini this weekend. Please let this be a trend and not an aberration, God. I don’t ask for much. Can I just have this one thing? Thank you. Drive through.

Chise Nakamura part 1(20photos)-Japanese girl

MILF Monday: Kate Moss(7pics)-tits

Where you’ve seen her: Kate Moss has been showing us most of her naked body for years. If you don’t know where you’ve seen her, we can’t really help you out.
MILF Status: Kate joined the ranks of MILFs back in 2002 when she squeezed so hard she shit out a beautiful baby girl. Now that she’s a mom, she’s doing the mature thing by dating Pete Doherty, the junkie of all junkies. This is a MILF we can all be proud of.
Pointless quote:  "When people see an actor speak, they think they know him or her, whereas I’m just a face or a body to them."
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daily BEST:Hilary Duff 48

Edurne Garcia is the FHM Spain cover girl(9pics)

Edurne Garcia has achieved greatness. She is the cover girl for FHM Spain for the month of May 2010. We’re talking about a lad mag in Spain here, people. How hot does a woman have to be to be chosen to be on the cover in that country? I guess this hot. So who the hell is Edurne Garcia, hear you asking? Edurne García Almagro better known as Edurne is a Spanish pop singer.

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