Saturday, November 12, 2011

Spring Break Bikini Guide: BoyShort Bikini(13photos)

Spring Break Bikini Guide: BoyShort Bikini:Safe For Work,bikini girl0

-; Nothing Lasts Forever #girls

 -; Nothing Lasts Forever:girls0

Anime Girls part 14 #girl

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This Week in Celebrity Gossip: Seven hundred fifty million? #celebrities

This Week in Celebrity Gossip: Seven hundred fifty million?:celebrities0

Celebrity gossip items you may have missed this week…

Alicia Keys -; Booty In the Hood

Alicia Keys -; Booty In the Hood:celebrities0

Here’s Alicia Keys wearing some tight pants and hoody after leaving the gym in Manhattan.  I guess Alicia’s New Year’s resolution was to slim down her fat ass.

Mischa Barton

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daily BEST:Miss COED Doomsday Edition: Lacey Arrington #facebook girls

Miss COED Doomsday Edition: Lacey Arrington :Safe For Work,Best,facebook girls0
2By Ned Happy Doomsday Eve! To celebrate such a wonderful day I bring you today’s Miss COED, Lacey Arrington. Lacey is a 22-year-old All-American girl from Arkansas. She’s done a lot of promoting most notably for Axe, Wheat Thins, Xbox 360, and Sirius XM. Lacey says she loves R&B music but suffers from Haptodysphoria – a fear of corduroy and velvet. That’s cool, because I’m a Denim Dan. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of the world than with her pics. See ya in hell, suckers! Age: 22 Location: Fayetteville, AK

Perez Hilton Assaulted Video on YouTube(2) #ass

Perez Hilton Assaulted Video on YouTube:celebrities,bad girl,ass0
Famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton of was assaulted last Sunday while attending the the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. Now he's fighting back by recording his gayness moments on cam and posting it on YouTube. The Perez Hilton assaulted video on YouTube was made by Perez Hilton himself to release his anger and call out the attention of his fans and the public that he was the victim. And yes, the Perez Hilton assault video is now being viewed by thousands already.

Akina Minami part 2 #picasa

Akina Minami part 2:Japanese girl,picasa0

Ideas #1 part 5

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Narumi Yasuda lovely actress(3photos)

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Name: Narumi Yasuda
Japanese name: 安田成美
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: Nov-28, 1966
Height: 168cm
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: B
Family: Husband/actor Kinashi Noritake
Talent agency: Tanabe Agency

Japanese Singer --- ERIKO SATO(38photos) #picasa

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Sexy Girl

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Adult Costumes part 7

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Catherine Zeta Jones(2) #wallpaper

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Toned Volleyball Butts (33pics)

Toned Volleyball Butts :hot0
All the attention in volleyball is centered on one ball bouncing back and forth over a net but the only balls we’re focusing on are the two toned balls on the backsides of these hot female volleyball players.  

Alyssa Milano – Spike TV’s 7th Annual Video Game Awards #celebrities

Alyssa Milano – Spike TV
Pics of: Alyssa Milano - Spike TV’s 7th Annual Video Game Awards

daily BEST:Ali Larter smiling(2)

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asian:新建文件夹 (30)(14pics) #asian

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7 Reasons the Lingerie Football League is Better Than the NFL

7 Reasons the Lingerie Football League is Better Than the NFL:holytaco-babes,girls games,beautiful girls,big girl,find a girl,pretty girls,fun girls,lingerie,big breasts0

Monsters of the midriff!

Don’t get wrong, I love the NFL. But this season, I find myself watching for all the wrong reasons. Sure, I feign interest in which squad is pushing the ball across the scoring boundary. However, the real reason I’m tuning in is to admire the beautiful physiques of the players. But hot or not, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let Jared Allen’s taut, toned body undo all the blood, sweat and tears that resulted from eight months of homosexual conversion therapy. If only there was a way to enjoy the sport without triggering my repressed urges…

Behold, the Lingerie Football League. Now even the most homophobic among us can enjoy the gridiron goodness without all the gratuitous guy groin shots. You see, the Lingerie Football League is made up entirely of hot, sexy ladies. And nothing is more hetero than a bunch of hot girls in skimpy football outfits touching each other, right? Do I really have to explain this? To put it bluntly, Lingerie Football is superior to regular football in every possible way. Here are seven clear-cut reasons why.

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