Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hwang Mi Hee part 4(21pics) #picasa

Hwang Mi Hee part 4:school girl,picasa0

Miss Viet Nam part 4 #picasa

Miss Viet Nam part 4:picasa0

Kim Kardashian – Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big?(2photos)

Kim Kardashian – Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big?:curve,big girl,skinny Girls0

Here is Kim Kardashian, who recently said that she is using a certain cellulite treatment for her butt (some might say “finally!” and some might say “oh, noooo”); but no, not because of (jealous?) Paris Hilton’s remark that Kim’s butt looks like “cottage cheese”.

Sexy Girl and Car(2pics) #girl

Sexy Girl and Car:Safe For Work,girl0

Colleen Shannon(16)

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Jenna Jameson appalling new video explicit content

Jenna Jameson appalling new video explicit content:news0

Jenna Jameson appalling new video explicit content: Jenna Jameson, who has been called the world's most famous adult-entertainment performer and "The Queen of Porn", has appeared in many top men's mags, including Penthouse, Hustler, High Society and Cheri. She is also famous for her risqué roles in adult films, but her latest video is the most shocking of all!

10 WAGS of the PGA(13pics)

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0By COED Staff One of the most anticipated Masters ever tees off this afternoon. Tiger may be making his return to the course, but we’re looking forward to seeing some of the sexiest WAGs of our favorite pros. As if being a pro golfer isn’t already the best job ever, they get to go home to these ladies! Follow COED Magazine on Twitter Fan COED Magazine on Facebook Check out these great posts from our partners PHOTOS: Bedtime sexiness… PHOTO: Three best friends! PHOTO: Her private moment caught on camera….

daily BEST:How to Choose Wax for Men’s Hair Removal Needs #hair

How to Choose Wax for Men’s Hair Removal Needs:hair,find a girl0
Men have more course hair throughout the entire body which can be removed through the use of proper waxing techniques. For this reason, the wax that is used for men’s hair removal needs is of different formulations which are used for the routine waxing for women.

Gary's Gallery 47 part 4(21) #picasa

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Bridal Hairdos for Mature Brides

Bridal Hairdos for Mature Brides:hair,dress for girls,find a girl0

There are many hairstyles for many generations and a variety of styles that can be seen for every type of hair. Through many of these styles that can be seen you can choose which styles are best suited to your hair.

daily BEST:Taylor Momsen Covers Teen Vogue(7pics)

Taylor Momsen Covers Teen Vogue:celebrities0

‘Gossip Girl’ star Taylor Momsen is the Teen Vogue September cover model. Clinique Fresh Faces Mobile Beauty Studio served as a backdrop for the young star at the Union Square West Plaza on September 22, 2009 in New York City.

Ravee Gupta

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Isabeli Fontana is quite photogenic #babe

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Suitable for framing and placing on your desk!

Webs - Swimsuit Honeys - 2nd part 9 #Best

Webs - Swimsuit Honeys - 2nd part 9:Best,big girl,picasa0

Guess That Ass

Guess That Ass:pretty,dress for girls,big girl,ass0

And the answer is Ashley Tisdale. I love this chicks style. Memo to all the Dlist celebrities out there. This is how you hit the big time. You wear assless sun dresses and let the paparazzi have at it. It's no accident this is Tisdale's 2nd appearance on Guess That Ass within the span of a few days. Assless dresses. It works every time.


Germany bans Sprite ad #bitch

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Update : John Jones IV, the man featured in the funny and filthy spoof, confirms it was a “spec” commercial produced by Greencard Pictures in Brooklyn . Really crazy commercial, this advertisement produced for Sprite in Germany has been banned from the air, for pretty obvious reasons. Although the ad shows no actual body parts, consider it Nsfw none the less.Check out the video above to see for yourself why the Germans were offended!

Pamela Anderson For PETA(2pics) #bitch

Pamela Anderson For PETA:bitch0
Pamela Anderson is the latest celebrity to take it off for PETA.. I hate PETA, but please keep taking the panties off these women. Filed under: Celebrities Tags: Pamela Anderson

Choosing Long Hair Braiding Styles(2photos)

Choosing Long Hair Braiding Styles:hair,find a girl0

Did you know that there are multiple types of braiding styles that you can choose from when it comes to the styles that are placed in your hair? Whether you are choosing small braids, medium braids or even large styles of goddess braids, there are many options that are available when it comes to the styles and therefore it is important to look around and find inspiration before you choose the style that you feel will suit you best.

Howtness Overload #hot

Howtness Overload :hot0
It’s not summer yet, but I’m already too hot by only looking at the photos of Candice Swanepoel in her undies. The girl’s got a perfect body!  

asian:[原創] 諸葛梓岐 姚書軼 鬼妹Model 等@ Plusit秋冬配飾發佈會 part 2

asian:[原創] 諸葛梓岐 姚書軼 鬼妹Model 等@ Plusit秋冬配飾發佈會 part 2:asian,models,picasa,Chinese0

Avril Lavigne part 1(21photos) #picasa

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Aya Beppu part 2(21pics) #Japanese girl

Aya Beppu part 2:Japanese girl,picasa0

Amazing part 3 #picasa

Amazing part 3:picasa0

Creating Black Hair Styles

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Many people wonder how to create black hairstyles through the use of traditional designs and inspirations from classic hairstyles. Hairstyles are an expression of personal style and should be taken advantage of. What are some popular traditional black hair styles that can be created with the use of a stylist?

Catrinel Menghia works for Valisere Lingerie

Catrinel Menghia works for Valisere Lingerie:celebrities,lingerie0

Catrinel Menghia, for those unfamiliar, is a Romanian model… a really, really attractive Romanian model who is the face of Giorgio Armani worldwide. A model who apparently also works for something called Valisere Lingerie. Vasilere is a great lingerie company. I say this because they are smart enough to know that putting models like Catrinel in their products and then filming a model like Catrinel in said products is a very, very smart thing to do. That is why they are a great lingerie company. End of report.

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