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Aarti Chhabria #celebrities

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Jessica Alba sort of tries to be sexy again in Genlux #celebrities

Jessica Alba sort of tries to be sexy again in Genlux:celebrities,sex0

I like this Genlux magazine. First they got Mila Kunis all sexed up for a photo shoot and now they did the same with Jessica Alba, sort of. Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure what the hell is going on here. Oh sure, it’s nice to see Jessica in something other than her usual mom clothes, but seriously, what is going on here?

Emma Watson is a Freshman(11pics)

Emma Watson is a Freshman:celebrities0

Emma Watson is seen here attending her freshman orientation at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.  Many of you may know that Emma is continuing her academics here in the U.S.  I’m hoping that we see some college girls gone wild action from Emma, but judging by the photos of her jealous boyfriend who followed her from England I don’t see that happening.  Unless he goes back to the UK.  Maybe?

Selena Gomez Leaves Hospital(7pics)

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Little Selena Gomez was admitted to the hospital on June 11th after feeling ill after performing on the Tonight Show(Jay Leno makes me sick too…). Rumors quickly began that the young starlet was carrying Justin Bieber’s baby. There is no evidence of the baby or of the abortion that was rumored to have been performed. Damn you Bieber!! Check out the rest of the shots here

Chicks with glasses

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  Girls with glasses are pretty hot.

Aaron Spelling’s $150,000,000 Mansion On Sale(2pics) #celebrities

Aaron Spelling’s 0,000,000 Mansion On Sale:celebrities0

For all those with $150,000,000 to spare on some real estate, Aaron Spelling’s 123-room Holmby Hills mansion has officially hit the open market.

Doukyuu Saeko – gravure idol and japanese actress

Doukyuu Saeko â€" gravure idol and japanese actress:actress,school girl,Japanese girl,cospaly 0

Name: Doukyuu Saeko
Japanese name: é"ä¼'冴子, どうきゅう さえã"
Birthday: 11-16, 1986
Birthplace: Miyazaki Prefecture
Height: 156cm
Blood type: O
Talent: Athletic Sports, Ballet & Jazz Dance
Hobbies: Nail Art & Writing Poems

Saeko is a gravure idol & actress in Japan who does various doramas and CMs. She co-hosted and performed a cover song at the annual GIRL POP FACTORY show in the summer of 2004. Recently she was in the movie NANA as Sachiko.

Asianese 01 part 16 #picasa

Asianese 01 part 16:picasa0

The Dirty Truth on fantastic actress #find a girl

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The January Jones media blitz continues

Christa Campbell's Sexy New Look

Christa Campbell's Sexy New Look:celebrities,sex,tits0

I have no idea who Christa Campbell is, but I like her New Look.  Plastic looks good on her.

Alexis Dziena in a bikini is quite alright(9pics) #bikini girl

Alexis Dziena in a bikini is quite alright:celebrities,bikini girl0

I figured since we were on the topic of babes I consider underrated these photos of Alexis Dziena in a bikini would keep that ball a-rollin’. I have no idea when these pics were taken or for what purpose but will that in any way affect how much you enjoy them? I didn’t think so. Cheers!

Miss COED: Gianna Patton(10pics)

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1By COED Staff If Jessica Burciaga is the Queen of the hand bra then this 32-year-old hottie from Canada might as well Queen of the knee bra. Good lordy! After a three year break from the modeling world Gianna is looking to get back into the game. Want to be a Miss COED?! Submit your pics to

Cindy Crawford’s Still Got It(5)

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Iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford features on the cover of Vogue India for the month of October 2010, and as always she looks fucking stunning. She is definitely one of the hottest MILFs in Hollywood. Photos : Mark Seliger Filed under: Celebrities Tags: Cindy Crawford



Shoko Miyake sexy Japanese girls gravure idol(3pics)

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Shoko Miyake sexy Japanese girls gravure idol

Playboy Girls part 3

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Mila Kunis actress hot(2pics) #fun girls

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daily BEST:Platform at station vol.6 part 1 #picasa

Platform at station vol.6 part 1:upskirt,picasa0

Natsume Rio part 2

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Natsuki Nakazawa

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Nikky Case look back(2photos)

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Miss World Zhang Zilin part 1 #women

Miss World Zhang Zilin part 1:picasa,women0
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